Some even use * {.

Idol: PlanC: give us an example link

Depue: CMFDesign: How do you mean ‘scrolling to the right’?

Vonallmen: When the page loads I can scroll right on it

Mcpeak: Its ugly, like the page width is over 100% or something

Sproul: Have overflow-x: hidden; ?

Earvin: Looks really well made too :p

Bonaventure: That intro banner makes me nauseous

Kradel: But it is a nice looking site

Dinnocenzo: Does the overflow-x work?

Bergmeier: Does it? I cannot replicate the issue to test it but it should

Eitel: Can you not see the issue when you load the page scrolls right awfully?

Veron: Not in the newest FF or chrome

Pianalto: I’m gonna get a screengrab to show you

Nettik: Https://

Vail: See on the right, that space? I scroll into that space, its awful

Henig: Add: overflow: hidden; to #home-header

Selvage: Actually, to .mbBgndGallery

Shahid: Which already has it.

Marian: Yeah exactly. I don’t get it.

Tysarczyk: CMFDesign: you’ve got a ul inside your nav that isn’t closed

Spoth: Hello, I want to make a vertical chain of images which adjust to my content hiding its part not needed, how can i do this? I’ve already solved the horizontal one with overflow: hidden, but I’m certainly a bit lost

Frischman: I’m very new to CSS and web design, it’s not easy

Larason: I don’t know even what to type in google to look for a solution to this

Yorn: In the horizontal one it helped me i could put max-width as 75%, but in the vertical the height grows with the div itself

Distin: So maybe the question is, how can I set an element height to the height of another?

Wanser: Or better, the max-height

Lococo: Ok, what i want to do is what border-image does, but with multiple images

Canwell: I now it is simple question but why i see al buttons in same place

Pahulu: Http://

Rambousek: How can i pıut space between buttons

Jameel: Http://

Whittall: Why are all the buttons fixed?

Huereca: Http://

Seratti: Going to bed, hope that helps~

Steinke: Hey it mat be simple question why i cannot position the button nside div territory

Morella: Hellyeah: without looking on your fiddle: display: inline-block on the parent element that div?

Lablue: I’m trying to get some tabs. and I’m following this: nevertheless, I don’t get tabs, I get links at the final page. cl***=”nav nav-tabs” Do I need any specific css file for that ?

Segrest: W3schools shows how to make tabs with bootstrap

Jemmott: Lemondom_, is that bad ?

Renneker: Lemondom_, can you tell me maybe why I don’t get the tabs and I get some ugly links instead ?

Brentson: Sigdk: Yes, you need the Bootstrap stylesheet.

Brentson: And W3Schools is bad.

Esterling: Brentson, I’ve this on top: link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/bootstrap.min.css” type=”text/css”

Brentson: Sigdk: And do you have the do***ent available at that address?

Brentson: The CSS do***ent, I mean.

Shry: Brentson, yes, it’s there

Brentson: Can you link us your page?

Schoepflin: Can’t right now, it’s on localhost and I’m in a LAN

Brentson: So create a test case.

Brentson: Or upload the files bundled into a tar somewhere.

Mckie: Brentson, one more question: If I define something head i.e. script src=”js/libs/cssP****r.js”/script isn’t it redundant if I have a definition inside body also ?

Sollie: Palmer, I tried to isolate the crucial part of code, and bundle it with the related css files, and it worked I mean the tabs. is there any way to debug my original version ? See if there are missing files, conflicts. whatever. Currently I’m using eclipse I’m writing a webapp and I need to modify the interface

Fallis: Stolt, if I have something like this: div cl***=”container” how do I find out what cl*** “container” represents ? is there any good IDE to browse through the files ? I’m using eclipse atm. Iis it suitable ?

Grew: Using float:left with position:fixed is okey

Kretz: I cannot position buttons

Brumleve: Definitely need to get css courses

Koran: Edu: i’ve inserted an image *** css sprite, and i want to create a new cl*** that will tint that image

Dempsy: Why i cannot see 12 buttons here

Bazaldua: Sigdk: It’s like “http://” except you’re not specifying the protocol so it will choose the same as what was used to retrieve the current do***ent.

Bulliner: Right click it, inspect element

Inda: Malas, this is my file: can I somehow “cleanup” the scripts and libs that are included on top but not needed ?

Vazguez: Some even use * { box-sizing: border-box; }