That doesn’t appear to.

Waddups: Hellyeah, first step would be to define all the background-* properties after the background property so that they actually apply, or inline them in to the background declaration.

Endersbe: Background: url. other props here

Gorby: Did you mean that?

Colop: Dunno it is solution or not but using “em” solved the issue.

Deboer: AMcBain: one last question i just dont understand why white area is there just click the button

Wiece: Did you visit the original image? It doesn’t appear by magic.

Kattaura: Yeah i visited

Kington: Ok, and you didn’t notice what colors were in it?

Kindel: It seems it is just an arrow without any background

Balette: Where do you get the idea it has no background?

Hosford: Actually i am not good at understanding such things

Gorman: But background-color: Transparent should take care of the issue

Grgurevic: No, it won’t. background-color does not change images. It is applied behind images with transparent pixels, but it does not change the image itself.

Fratus: Get real images instead of stealing someone else’s.

Pottebaum: Or switch to an icon font that has what you want.

Vallery: I just use that image for jsfiddle

Posnick: This web site seems handy

Maertz: I don’t know why the JUJUJUJU is between the red box. It should be covered by the first red box. Uncle nodes are influenced by nephew node.

Kveton: Xialvjun, it is covered, but due to the floating the text starts after the floats. That’s what float does.

Lecato: Try adding a background or a border to the h3. You’ll see it start under the floated elements to the left.

Shers: So div wrap nothing . all concerns is the content

Boysen: The div will not contain the floats by default.

Teets: AMcBain, Contain floats: ::

Monce: Xialvjun

Hoffnagle: How would “left” and “right” at be styled to shrink to as little as 10rem width before “right” flows to the next line?

Maggio: What the difference between now and just ago

Meenach: Nothing other than the removal of the div.

Brittan: Kellytk, “display: -moz-inline-stack;” Eesh. *delete*

Wimpey: AMcBain: I don’t follow that

Kudron: You don’t need that line. Ever.

Kizer: So a float can write outside. to parents’level or parents’parents’ level

Bilsborough: By default floats will not be contained by their parents.

Limber: Http://

Seledon: Is it not possible to configure “left” and “right” with minimum and flexible widths?

Yanda: Well i read your link first

Shouts: You can give them minimums. min-width exists as much as max-width.

Simonton: I tried it however there is no difference

Flitter: Given your test contents they’re larger than 10rem I would guess then.

Mynatt: Http:// only respects the min-width when both divs occupy their own line. This requires space for the max-width to be available otherwise the div will flow to the next line. It would be ideal if both “left” and “right” could occupy the same line if there is sufficient min-width space for both

Browers: Kellytk, Ah, see, that wasn’t exactly explained before. you probably want to investigate something like flexbox.

Turkasz: Kellytk,

Modesto: That doesn’t appear to function with FF