Thank you. I’ll see if I.

Loser: I’m just following a course. I didn’t go in with the intention of using bootstrap

Gafanha: Besides, bootstrap can be a part of CSS.

Favorite: Again, you can’t be effective with bootstrap if you don’t know css well

Keagle: CSS is a part of bootstrap.

Reinholdt: You’ve got this backwards.

Hildring: Bootstrap is awesome if you know what you’re doing

Hildring: It’s great for rapid dev

Pellegrino: Well, like I said, I’m learning.

Wingert: Same Favorite from web?

Riston: Pod: it’s kind of too hard doing it in a css only way right?

Favorite: Boogieidm: and all we’re saying is youre making a mistake by trying to learn a css framework without first learning css

Pod: Riston, i’m workin on it , let’s see what will be the result :

Wingert: You should know basic css before learning bootstrap

Bouthillette: I’m just following. I have no idea where to start or finish.

Raikes: I’m just learning all at once. It may be harder, but idk how to do it any other way.

Willets: Pod: Thanks. That’s funky. I’m too tired to ask about the details now, though, but I hope the fiddle stays where it is.

Wingert: Boogie what are you trying to do?

Symanski: I took the CSS and HTML course before I took this course. I have a basic understanding.

Fissori: Boogieidm: “Where shall I begin, please your Majesty?” he asked. “Begin at the beginning, ” the King said gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” ~~ Lewis Carroll Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ~~

Fissori: Doesn’t seem like, pardon my honesty

Wingert: Favorite what are you doing in here?

Favorite: Wingert: just hanging out, why?

Daughters: I’m just trying to figure out why an img is not centered in it’s column and instead I’m just being told I don’t know CSS over and over. gambl0re

Wingert: Oh ok.i thought you were only in web

Favorite: Wingert: im in all the webdev related channels

Wingert: I need to see css code.

Hirschy: That’s literally why I came here, because I don’t fully know CSS.

Fissori: Boogieidm: well. O’Reilly’s CSS missing manual, latest is 3rd edition, is pretty good

Strehl: Http://

Chambers: Thx for the recommendation.

Fissori: Boogieidm: but I’d recommend start with html first, and yes, is mostly a tag soup, but tag with some rules

Riston: Which image isnt centered boogieidm?

Wingert: Which image isnt centered?

Girton: You have to drag the handle to make it almost full screen. The columns will then be side by side and the second img of a phone will not be centered in it’s column

Babb: It’s just a course I’m doing on codecademy

Fissori: Yeah. codeacademy.hmmm there’s a warning flag /me ducks

Moler: I’ve realized over time that codeacademy takes weird approaches to teaching that don’t make any ****ing sense. lol

Wingert: Depends on the course

Mahaffey: I’ve only taken HTML+CSS, Make a Website, and now I’m on Make Website a Projects.

Fissori: Hmm. I’ve seen some folks at #javascript asking on some things for codeacademy stuff. supposedly on some medium to advanced level, acording to codeacademy, but what they asked, was pretty js basic, something you’d find on a chapter 2 in a js book

Haldeman: What’s wrong with it?

Scotting: How can I fix it then?

Favorite: Either text-align: center; on the parent or display: block; margin: 0 auto; on the images

Govan: Do checkboxes require an ID for multiple of them to be used on a page?

Favorite: Also see

Leuenberger: Thank you. I’ll see if I can get it worked out.