From wordpress.

Handzlik: I had hoped that default widgets wouldn’t be ‘active’, but was disappointed

Enyeart: WorldsEndless: if you use the format if ! dynamic_sicdebar . yhou get the defaults. Just use “dynamic_sidedbar’my_sidebar_slug’ to put the sidebar into a template and the defaults don’t get rendered.

Cafarella: Hmm. the theme I’ve been given just has ?php dynamic_sidebar’footer-1′; ?

Semel: Sterndata, I went for the php_prepend_file solution in the first google result. Thanks

Bedlion: Cawthorne: thanks for all the spam.

Geil: Woo commited my first repo using cornerstone

Kooyman: Pulling my hair out over woocommerce cart being busted

Geil: Do you know what the problem is/

Lawin: Something with sessions

Estela: I can add to the cart when im logged in

Rauschenbach: But as a guest its totally f’ed

Susko: Sommetimes it wont add

Mullinex: Then another person tries it and sees the last thing i tried to add

Berri: Caching is in WP core 4.3, right?

Estrada: Which filter will allow access to get_post_status?

Shehee: Ingodid, what sort of caching?.as in browser cache leverage and such?

Priewe: Server side — browser has been cleared

Krausz: The theme composer conatins the dwidget chnages, but the live site does not

Nadelson: Trying to track it down, though it might be core functionality

Shehee: Not that I’m aware.and that would be pretty horrible

Shehee: For the reasons you’re experiencing

Wutzke: So if WP_CACHE is defined, it has been defined by a plugin/etc?

Proscia: Hi all — wondering if there are hooks or plans for forcing the new p***word complexity option in 4.3***words-via-wordpress-option-hook-or-constant

Stowman: Dcr: looks like it’s something with the jupiter theme widget.

Imbesi: My new wp installation won’t let me login w/ the admin user/p*** I set during install. I’ve tried every method of resetting the p*** on the codex page & none work, even emergency.php

Fleeting: It won’t even send a reset email, I usually have to add an smtp plugin to make email work, it never works by default

Verdiguel: I saw on google maybe the db size is limited, but support has yet to get back to me

Mclauchlen: Has anyone else seen this & got it to work?

Verdusco: NginUS: Is this an empty site?

Deterding: What’s a good plugin for allowing my registered users to edit their profile?

Czelusniak: Is that a hosting co?

Sica: Like it will show on a page and users can update their p***words, name, picture etc

Yaple: If all the stuff in the codex isn’t working, are you sure it’s correctly connected to the DB?

Ferrio: Have you looked into the DB with phpmyadmin?

Losiewski: And is this a “one click” install of WP?

Zaxas: Oh yes when i tried to change the p*** it had one populated & the usernamewas what i set it to installer

Funderbunk: Was this a one-click install of WP?

Duenwald: OK. here’s what I’d do: 1 uninstall it, 2 delete the database, 3 create a NEW, empty databse, 4 download wordpress from, upload it to the site and 5 install it properly. If you want to stay with the softaculous install, please contact your web host for support.

Denoyelles: Shakil: buddy press? probably overkill. You could also just link them to

Sain: Here: i am looking for a front end profile editing plugin. However it’s not working with the cusom user profile plugin

Zindell: Custom user profile photo *

Nemerofsky: Hi is jquery not included in all themes?

Lessmann: I mean as standard dep

Mcfarlen: From wordpress itself