Still no solution for me yet.

Wommack: Becouse #OpenCart is dead

Wommack: I give my soul for a bite help.

Bufton: Every version is not backwards compatible, it’s a messy backend bloat, and the makers hardly care to do any sort of support

Aschmann: There’s more but why bother when it’s got such glaring issues?

Debrito: Http:// — how do you combine these?

Gizzi: Marrenarre still there ?

Mehrens: Is there any harm in including the same styles and rules twice on page load?

Gizzi: How do i get s*** compiler to put } on a new line

Gizzi: Is the file i have to edit “C:Ruby22librubygems2.2.0gemss***-3.4.19libs***environment.rb” ?

Gizzi: Ok so i got s*** installed. What i’m trying to figure out is how to get it to put clossing “}” on a new line

Leonesio: Supposedly Bootstrap includes a modified version of normalize.css. I’m not sure exactly how it is, but I would expect Boostrap to contain the necessary code to compensate for not having normalize.css

Herod: Meaning that you don’t need normalize.css I think.

Farkas: And if you do use both, I’m not sure that you can rely on Bootstrap to work as normal, but I guess it is *likely* to.

Mischel: I mean, they might’ve removed something from normalize when putting it in Bootstrap that would otherwise override something in Bootstrap.

Gizzi: What about the output of s*** how do i stop it from putting “}” on the same line ?

Flam: And unfortunately I don’t know S*** the compiler stuff so I don’t know that.

Bonneau: Marrenarre: so normally, when there are two css files, first normalize, then something that overrides normalize stuff, there shouldn’t be any effect – especially not when minifying

Mcguirl: I hope not that the bootstrap guys removed something from normalize.css for their own version of normalize.css just because they don’t want to override something? :O

Mensick: Hi CSS experts, I use bootstrap with the cl*** “embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9” and it works just fine. What I need to do is to get the videos next to each other let’s say 5 each row. But I do not know how many videos there will be. It iterates through an array. Any idea?

Vacca: Lemondom: not a great idea for IE users

Ritschard: Http://

Kualii: Lemondom: Whether it is minified or not should not make any difference. Regardless, the order in which rules are written only matters when the conflicting rules have the same specificity.

Kallstrom: Therefore there could be a rule with higher specificity in normalize.css compared to some in Bootstrap.

Tugwell: Hm, true – but isn’t bootstrap cl*** based?

Engelsman: I mean, usually the cl*** wins the game

Ballas: Does anyone know how to get this kind of slider style?

Gizzi: Does safari have a ios browser emulator /

Sisto: Lemondom: Yeah it is. As I said, it’s unlikely to cause anything.

Holness: At least it is mostly.

Duggan: I still don’t see the point of using normalize.css with Bootstrap.

Vandenbergh: How do you target an element directly after an element? not like directly a child of, but right after? is that the div + thing?

Laranjo: Vandenbergh, CSS ‘+’ adjacent sibling combinator:

Vandenbergh: Yes wouldnt been easier to type xD

Lumbreras: Vandenbergh, selectoracle:

Fuhrmann: One could say, it would have been easier if you check your css book, pretty sure it has it

Garfinkel: Mark___: are you looking for something like this

Vandenbergh: Bah lol i had it right, my ftp session timed out

Suglia: Zoite: thanks. it’s a step.

Mceaddy: Still no solution for me yet. How do I get those videos next to each other if I don’t know how many the array will display.