Is here any opencart expert.

Snaer: I might’ve had something for JS if I wasn’t so bad at it anyway.

Ishihara: Gonna learn s*** from now on

Galeas: Heya, I have a div that’s 100vh with a input box that’s vertically centered. When I click the input box on a cellphone, the viewport shrinks, as expected, making it look nice. Now, when I do this in fullscreen, the viewport stays the same when the keyboard pops out. Anyone familiar with this issue?

Gizzi: Last project i did i wrote a javascript script to do calculations for converting px to vw % but if s*** can do that for me

Gizzi: Marrenarre can s*** automatically tab css blocks ?

Sabean: Gizzi: What do you mean?

Gizzi: So if i had “header { blah blah }” and under that “header .container { blah blah}” can s*** tab the second block since it is a child of the first block ?

Hartery: Example, 1. open in cellphone, 2. press the input box, all should look nice. now press the fullscreen button and then press input box. There will be two different behaviours.

Gizzi: Marrenarre get what i mean ?

Minic: Gizzi: Yeah look at this thing I made:

Montazami: So you would use & .container indented one step farther than header.

Kinneman: Of course, this is only useful if you also have declarations for the selector “header”. Otherwise you could just use the selector “header .container”.

Saurer: So “&” refers to the parent selector. Note that this does not mean that you can necessarily target the parent element. You can only get the parent selector, and only when the current selector is within a parent rule.

Smoldt: There is no way to target parent elements in general in CSS, so since S*** is compiled to CSS, there is no way to do it in S*** either.

Gizzi: Well yea except i would want this to happen

Poitras: Oh, so you’re talking about how the output is indented.

Tullio: I don’t think there’s an easy way to control that, but does it really matter?

Gizzi: Yea i want children to be indented

Normand: The video here is overflowing off the page. would i ask here or in #wordpress?

Verrelli: Gizzi: Actually I think they are indented. I didn’t bother showing actual S*** output since I didn’t think it’d matter.

Tarazon: Fotoflo: They seem to be invisible, or something.

Jody: Never mind, I forgot I block social icons in my browser.

Bistodeau: Whoops, i messed them up worse

Violetta: Marrenarre: theres are just images not sure how you blocked them

Gizzi: Ah Nesting thats the proper term

Kacher: Fotoflo: I’m not sure but it’s some filter in uBlock Origin.

Wegener: Gizzi: Well, you’re not *really* nesting them in CSS.

Prime: Strangeā€¦ anyhoo it seems the li a has too much padding

Gizzi: Well i know just for organization

Gizzi: Btw do you prefer s*** to scss ?

Branen: Gizzi: Yeah I prefer S*** but I think a lot of people prefer SCSS for some reason.

Gizzi: Yea i like scss better. Lowers chances for a space messing something up

Neveu: In any case it should be easy to convert your stylesheets between them in case you change your mind.

Wikoff: I like the idea of giving actual meaning to indentation since I do it anyway, but that’s just me.

Plumbar: The reason people prefer scss is compability

Demetree: They can just place there copied css from anywhere and it still works

Sembler: Personally i prefer stylus – works with any syntax possible, it’s up to me how i use it

Opaka: I’d want to make my CSS prettier by taking use of the abilities of S*** anyway.

Gizzi: If you use boostrap would normalize.css be counterproductive ?

Wommack: Is here any opencart expert? :