What are you trying to.

Labine: I have a page which generates a preview of an invoice using an iframe, but how do i get the iframe fill the bottom of the page and leave room at the top for some configuration options?

Clarke: Altos: for one, they already are, firefox 42, for another, looks kinda lousy DTP design

Gradel: Hey guys on my nav area I’m trying to make it transparent but its not working

Omo: Can anyone ***ist me?

Morely: Veronicarodrigues.com NSWF

Vreeland: Veronicarodrigues.com NSFW

Okoli: Veronicarodriguez.com NSFW

Stango: Hi, can someone explain me for Bootstrap how to display something in MD and LG but not in XS and SM?

Manko: Http://getbootstrap.com/css/#responsive-utilities-cl***es

Stawarz: Change, Bootstrap UX library – http://getbootstrap.com – Questions in ##bootstrap

Norgaard: I want to make columns that flow automatically into multiple rows, but when they vary in height a little sometimes there are rows that go blank, with just one item on right.

Odorizzi: How can I avoid this?

Posusta: Profsimm: how are you making the columns?

Gunkel: Bprompt: I use bootstrap so I float left, I don’t have much of a choice.

Toney: Hmmm, sounds like you may need a Bootstrap solution, there’s a #bootstrap channel :

Baquero: Bprompt, can you help me out with my problem here.?

Oroz: But depending on how bootstrap is doing them, I’d expect that

Moxey: Dopie, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Aselage: Bprompt: that channel doesn’t exist

Dimitroff: Veronicarodriguez.com NSFW

Antonis: The nav area is onto of the image

Zinkl: I tried to set the background to white but it didn’t work

Duyer: I mean to transparent

Rufi: Its like $10 hookers being picked up off the street and pretending to be models

Holdy: That is some serious fine print

Kolopajlo: Riera, I prefer the other kind of fine print: https://twitter.com/angealbertini/status/654000323468656640 😛

Wilczynski: Now thats some fine print

Hesselschward: Http://img.soaringrabbit.com/lockedyaxis.gif can anyone point me in the direction of a method to achieve this? it’s a crude mockup, but it’s intended to show three a blocks, which, when moused over, make a “tooltip” label appear beneath the cursor in a y-locked position e.g. position: absolute; top: 30px; that still follows the mouse pixel-by-pixel as it moves horizontally.

Zollinger: I would hope this is doable in css only? but i don’t know how to approach it at all.

Flummer: Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15702867/html-tooltip-position-relative-to-mouse-pointer

Sgammato: Nope. If you want the tooltip to follow based on where the cursor is, then this is not CSS only.

Gillentine: I believe finding the answer with working code on google took me way shorter than it took you to write the question

Linberg: SuitCase: doable, yes, the “mouse following” is a no-go though, since you’d need an event of kinds, and css doesn’ t have events per se for that, but everything else is doable, just not the “mouse following” part

Fedorczyk: SuitCase: http://www.walterzorn.de/en/tooltip/tooltip_e.htm — on the other hand :

Camara: Is an old library, thus the fake “dhtml” buzzword

Hobb: What a pity! i thought as much, though. i will have to think through what i’ll do

Diflorio: Animalroam: “anything” in the .css file, is relative to the .css path or folder location, regardless of where the .html using the .css is at

Dsaachs: SuitCase: pity? js wise, is not that much code

Crozier: Hey can you overide the a link

Gardley: Http://pastebin.com/nZjemK45

Alcocer: What are you trying to do