Skinux: so, the text will.

Vannote: So I dont think its a good idea.

Tures: Wiherek: issue is, you want a css mashups, but css has no reliable way to mashups, is quite insane to do them, no impossible, then again so it’s the Lochness monster swimming about

Enock: What I will do instead, I will add the CSS in the template, to make sure it only affects that single view where the component is.

Selitto: Bprompt: hey thanks man :

Sweesy: Bprompt: I did read about Specificity. DIV have highest precedence, then cl***es, not sure if elements themselves are higher than DIVs or not.

Gholar: I didn’t quite understand adding 10 for divs 1 for elements thing.

Reuhl: I’m thinking it might be best to try to find a template for the top nav type I want that doesn’t use Bootstrap, for now.

Fleurantin: Skinux: clearly not :/ div in itself have no specifity, “tags” or “elements” do, cl***es as well, yes, that includes psuedo-cl***es, as opposed to pseudo-elements, and so attribute cl***es and IDs

Harns: But, I would want the template to still support mobile

Stroker: Oh.well what I read said that DIV is highest

Demiel: Unless I misunderstood.

Cocomazzi: Http://

Bartylla: Skinux: div is just a tag/element, and its specificity is the same as for del or p or ins or kbd, because all elements/tags have the same specificity

Hensel: Incidently enough, elements have the “lowest” specificity

Dobre: Del html for deleted element, kbd keyboard input, ins material insertion

Rahib: Html4.01 all of them btw

Alvorez: Yet, the friend I talk to the most who is just an average pc user thinks I’m like Einstien or somethign LOL

Stickels: Oh wait, is del how people get strike-through text?

Prevo: Skinux: maybe he thinks so because of your gl***es work backwards and your lack of hairbrush

Vorgas: He/she, whoever = hehehe

Gibbson: First of all, it’s a woman.

Welsh: Ohh well then, then she may think that because of your einstein hairdo, that means you look lik Don King

Seikaly: No, it’s because I know how to do web programming and because I understand American politics.

Trebbe: Skinux: del is “semantically”, deleted material, and yes, UA strike it through, but s is “semantically” strike-through, and s and del are semantically not the same thing, but yes, UA shows them as stroke through

Demmer: Is this proper css: background: #092f6e urlsatellite_dish.jpg no-repeat-center bottom;

Vitelli: Django_: background: #092f6e urlsatellite_dish.jpg center bottom no-repeat ; // would work

Ket: Hmm skinux many specificity online material I’ve seen kinda blows

Crego: When i have a div element with a starting left value and with a right end value, if i place inside of that div an example input with 100% size, should not that input stay beetwen the left and right div values ?

Lominy: Bprompt: Care to point me to a good one?

Barrile: Skinux: to make it simple, think of it this way, “cl***es” includes, pseudo ones as well as attribute selectors, are 10points worth, elements or tags, that includes pseudo-elements, are 1 point worth, IDs are 100, so. you add them up and you get the specifity value, for example — p1 .blog10 :first-child10 so the specificity is 1 + 10 + 10 = 21

Harsy: As aforementioned, is not really advanced

Vicsik: Skinux: so if you had say {color: red } on line say 10 in you css, and on line 1000 you had div p:fist-child {color: blue}; so. is the color red or bllue? well, is specificity of 21, and “div p:first-child” is div1 p1 :first-child10 or 1 + 1 + 10 = 12, so, even though “div p:first-child” is on line 1000, its specificity is only 12, whilst the

Lopriore: Skinux: so, the text will be red, even though is on line 10, it has higher specificity