Html body section .

Cosden: Extreminador: the w0t?

Saam: Extreminador: are you referring to absolute positioning?

Camilleri: Yes the position of the nput be 100% relative to the div only

Slocombe: To be fitted entirly on the div element

Schmale: But the thing is that when i place size 100% for the input the input will be

Denery: Extreminador: well, nevermind the positioning, what are you trying to do? just make an input as wide as its containing div?

Fenton: Extreminador: remember that width will include border and padding, which could equal more than 100%

Trombetta: Skinux: something that’d trump would be . say #posts, because #post100 p1 .blog10 :first-child10 or – 100 + 1 + 10 + 10 = 121, is higher than 21

Veal: Well, how do I override specificity in .container if I’m already doing section .container?

Puhuyaoma: Skinux: just bear in mind that, tags/elements are 1point, cl***esincluding pseudo and attribute selectors are 10points, and IDs are 100, inline styles are 1000

Halmick: Or is it possible I have to use div for .container instead of section

Hamid: Skinux: what’s .container? bear in mind that they all have to be insdie body and inside html as well

Reaid: Skinux: but check in the development tools, it gives the whole hierarchy tree

Laflore: And how do i find the correct size to place on input cause the div container is 50% and the div it self has right: 100px; and left: 50px;

Neuberger: Extreminador, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Belonger: Extreminador: the correct size is just as relative as the “proper” color, though you may love pink, others will hate it and prefer blue and so on

Rolin: Now if we could read you mind, then we would know what you mean by “correct size”, sadly, we lack clairvoyance abilities

Malec: On the other hand, you wouldn’t want us reading your mind, your face will turn red pretty quick

Lafantano: Lool i mean how do i know what value should i place there to be the same size has the div container

Shankland: But wait example will be provided

Comings: Skinux: easy body .container :

Mess: I was just thinking that.

Mihalios: Skinux: or html body .container, 1 + 1 + 10 = 12 specificity

Goyer: Skinux: you could also do .container:first-of-type . or .container:only-of-type . or .containersome attribute selector here .

Teno: Neither of those are working

Bollens: None of that works to override.

Gaffigan: If you had say div cl***=”container” phony-data=”quack” you could do div.containerphony-data or div.containerphony-data=”quack” 1 + 10 + 10 = 21 specificity

Smar: Container doesn’t have any attributes

Pruneau: Then use something else, with more specificity

Maks: Skinux: just bear in mind that, tags/elements are 1point, cl***esincluding pseudo and attribute selectors are 10points, and IDs are 100, inline styles are 1000

Oginski: And what are you trying to override anyway?

Stoudenmire: I’m trying to get html body section .container to be horizontally centered on the page

Etherington: After I added Bootstrap back in it suddenly started being a little ways further to the right, but not center.

Nolie: Http:// here t’s the example

Spritzer: How do i know the value that i should place on the input size ?

Nacion: Cause it’s 38. something in this case

Veley: Skinux: well, we’re not looking at the markup, so dunno the tree hierarchy, so dunno what to use since we dunno what you’ve got, thus

Weitz: Html body section .container is the markup heirarchy