Seems to fit.

Alers: Not seeing any gray boxes here

Caveness: Even with inserting text into the divs

Frink: When using max-width to work with an svg called from an img tag, it seems to set “width” instead, at least the behavior doesn’t result in a maximum, it results in a max, min, and automatic width of the same value. what am I doing wrong, or what what’s wrong with my thinking?

Lodrigue: Merkazu, have you tried checking the checkbox?

Frink: I can kind of ignore my whole question by following this guide: but if anyone wants to help me better understand css, the question stands

Mehrotra: Clearly not enough coffee this morning 😡

Shepler: Rookie question to give you all a smile this morning

Collyer: I’ve got and there is a gap between the side of the page the content start

Gaddy: There is body { margin: 0; } on there, so how come this is there

Kolat: UnDeRsOuL: I set it to 0 in the code inspector but it did nothing

Boga: Nope – did nothing in the fiddle either

Crocitto: Not sure if it’s important, but this is compilaed from Susy

Holroyd: Well, the normalization bit at the top isn’t

Montford: Can some one tell me why that boxes are like heavly doing the hover effect and these are so light and easy ? The second one Coded better? Any idea?

Conales: But the stuff at the bottom for the responsive is

Wigelsworth: Davetarmac it’s probably your container

Warran: Davetarmac actually it’s definitely your container. are you able to set it to 100% width?

Pinera: I just took the max-width: 1144px off .container and added in width: 100% but that didn’t change anything

Wiggen: Davetarmac ok I was wrong, check out your media queries,

Barbee: You have widths of 49.39759%; and such, and float rights, which is what is leaving the gap

Rang: Respek: thanks for that

Deese: I was barking up the wrong tree there

Resse: It’s supposed to be like that?

Corona: How do I make the “iphone screen” responsive

Corona: Http://

Corona: When resizing the viewport only the phone structure is responsive

Corona: I tried using floaters but I am either doing it wrong or it’s just not working

Corona: Well any suggestions?

Moneypenny: I’m doing a css-only dropdown menu, and would like to use .closed{height:0;} .opened{height:auto;} in order to transition the height. Now, this requires .parent{overflow:hidden;} but for multi-level dropdowns, = 2nd level won’t show because of the most parent overflow:hidden. Is there some non-js way around this?

Wohlenhaus: Test case:

Winn: Corona create another wrapper inside of the iphone wrapper, set the height and width appropriate the screen, then set the image height and width to 100

Flennoy: Uuh, button:hover ul{ overflow:visible; } duh *-*

Boeshore: So, wrap the image, make the image wrapper fit the screen, then set the image to be 100% and 100%

Pelayo: As the wrapper shrinks, so will the image

Pasquini: Corona: You need to set the width and height, in this case the image takes 310/355px width and 522/733px height so set it in calc or work out manually:

Gowda: Russek but won’t it break on resizes? that’s why I mentioned using a wrapper that fits proportions and then 100% height/width

Schwerd: Ah, you just calc’d the proportions for the image

Jaecks: Respek: Well take a look for yourself, and setting a wrapper to a size and then having the child 100% width and height is the same as just setting the child to that size anyway is it not?

Corona: Seems to fit perfectly