Hm that might be less.

Sachez: R1ppa: I don’t see ’em. Must trigger either randomly or on some particular user agent or something like that.

Sachez: Nintend00: what does that mean?

Liter: Question — why does save_post_$post trigger on init and not after publish/update

Dippolito: Sachez, dont see what? search for online casino its all over lol

Phillies: Sachez: Responsive Grid?

Malango: Sachez:

Sachez: R1ppa: no “casino” or “online” in the page source

Talamas: Sachez, ah I see, so what the fact it is not patched to latest is how they are injecting into certain posts?

Sachez: Nintend00: I’ve seen lots of WP themes that do that.

Sachez: Nintend00: better search: wordpress+jquery+grid">

Mynnerlyn: Sachez, can only find “casino” in db backups, so it seems more likely the posts are being hacked up

Mullaney: I’m trying to modify a theme. The theme loads the enqueued JS and CSS in the header. I was able to requeue the JS to the footer using wp_register_script because last arg tells WP to injec the JS in the footer. BUT wp_register_style does not have the same param. Any ideas? Any help?

Willian: BTW: this is the code I’m using to requeue the JS, but it does not work for the CSS:

Sachez: I don’t think you can enqueue a style in the footer

Sachez: But there’s this:

Ireland: Sachez, let me read it. Thank you.

Sachez: And this is on the wp_enqueue_style codex page: wp_enqueue_style can now be called mid-page in the HTML body. This will load styles in the footer.

Sachez: In the “change log” section

Lesmeister: Anyone got experience with qTranslateX’s json config files for custom plugins ?

Brean: Does anyone have a good plugin recommendation for just customizing the copy on the default WordPress New User Reg/Forgot p***word emails? I used SB Welcome Email it was exactly what I was looking for except it completely stops WordPress from sending those emails.

Menaker: Opsec: MailPress –

Voskowsky: Opsec: Thanks I’ll check it out

Stradling: Never use WordPress automatic upgrade : if you have any customized file, WordPress will delete them !

Horigan: This seems like a bad sign:

Elquist: Hi guys! I have in Webmaster Tool so much 404. If I go to see it I see that some article of older structure /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname% don’t reverse to new structure /%category%/%post_id%-%postname%/ . how can I fix it in htaccess?

Gilfillan: Mivv: uh, “always use auto updates”

Eber: Ya that’s from that Mailpress plugin info hah.seems like quite a bad practice

Gilfillan: Mivv: do not edit core files.

Goosey: Opsec: could you help me please?

Gilfillan: Always keep core up to date, if something is broken afterwards deal with that ;

Ulabarro: Vinxz: 404 to 301 –

Gilfillan: Vinxz: use something like that

Nilan: Opsec: I don’t want to use plugin. Just htaccess rule!

Gilfillan: If you want to add each redirect by hand to your webserver config — #httpd

Elison: Anyone know a way to graphically structure a wordpress page like the following while using the wysiwyg editor?

Suero: Http://

Nonamaker: Is that possible to solve those boxes with a custom style of tinymce ?

Gilfillan: Daslicht: just use divs

Hoda: Opsec: in wysiwyg editor?

Gilfillan: Daslicht: no modification to tinymce will provide that. . no in the text portion

Skogen: Hm that might be less suitable for non experienced users ?