Anyone knows a “Responsive.

Mirman: Sachez: that dynamic image plugin seems like it could get the work done

Lafromboise: Sachez: that is exactly what I was looking for

Sachez: Hog heaven if you like jam bands:

Hainley: Wp_get_nav_menu_items returns a menu by ‘id’,’name’ or ‘slug’, but how can i do the same by ‘theme location’?

Puskarich: Vovvawrk:

Sachez: Theme location is an arg

Rawlings: Yes, but wp_nav_menu don’t return the menu as an array

Sachez: So you need a function that given a location returnds a menu ID

Sachez: Check the first answer here:

Falsetti: What is the way to obtain a taxonomy slug? for example I see this in the code for the taxonomy id $term-term_taxonomy_id. but I need the “readable” value, not the id.

Falsetti: I mean, a category slug

Sachez: Falsetti: returns taxonomy objects and objects know their slugs

Kirvin: Falsetti:

Falsetti: Sachez, not sure. I have a template that shows “projects”, and have categories for those projects. I was looking for a way to change use css cl*** for each category to show a different color, for example

Sachez: What happens if a project is in multiple categories? :-

Falsetti: I am trying to add that cl***=”project_category” thing

Sachez: It’s just a decision you have to make.

Falsetti: Anyway, in this case it is not for projects really, it will show features

Sachez: If you have a particular post object, then you want top use “get_the_category” to get it’s category categories and then you can ***ign a cl*** base don the return value.

Vampa: Falsetti:

Sachez: Https://

Falsetti: Thanks Sachez going to read all those. I was using $term-term_taxonomy_id found in the theme code, but was looking for a more readable thing

Suffridge: I’m glad we cleared that up

Zabaneh: I am getting DGFEV Online Casino links all over my site, this a tainted plugin?

Crusan: R1ppa: , and stop trying to patch up your hacked site. Reinstall or restore your backups. And read

Moilien: Did you install any plugins from untrusted sources?

Bursell: Like downloading/buying premium plugins from not-the-original-authors?

Belville: What about your theme? did you get it by google “free wordpress themes” ?

Anthon: Benzing for some time, and when we do we are careful

Briant: Or is it from the official repo / another trusted source?

Piegaro: No theme is Artbees Jupiter

Sachez: The point is that you’ve been hacked. Delete ALL files and restore from a clean backup

Kloer: Wow cannot clean this easily?

Sachez: The update your site as fast as possible

Sachez: R1ppa: it depends on you patience

Donaghy: This an os hack or wordpress?

Sachez: But you can’t trust ANY file on your site

Sachez: R1ppa: just do your best to harden the site

Sachez: Shared hosting or VPS?

Reekie: Its on our own server

Sachez: Multiple sites on it?

Luangrath: Sachez, Sucuri says no malware, but thats got to be wrong, well all this site really, sandboxes, etc

Mccampbell: Anyone knows a “Responsive Live Content Filter” plugin for WordPress?