That sounds fun tcsc . are.

Artez: Hylle: ramda, thanks anyway

Mercedes: Tristanp, You shouldn’t have to do that.

Pandolfi: I supposed you’re right,console

Bragas: Next time it happens to me and it has happened more than once in the app i’m writing, i’ll double check what’s different

Rux: How to make my 3rd parties library available globally with commonjs

Turli: Tristanp, You’ll probably want to do something with that exception instead of just outputing to console though

Dame: Well i already write exception handlers for all the cases where a promise rejection is an expected occurence

Szczesniak: Tristanp, Like log it so you can see why it was thrown and maybe do somethig to prevent it from happening again

Gearan: It’s the actual developer bugs that i don’t write exception handlers for. because if i knew that was going to be necessary i would fix the bug instead!

Hasselkus: By log I mean, email it or save it in a database or a log file on your sever somewhere so you can review it at a later point

Dietlin: Oh yeah. console log is a stand in here for whatever error logging we use

Rux: How to make my 3rd parties library available globally with commonjs

Sieker: Tristanp, Yep, you’re not sure what developer errors are going to happen during normal use

Rosell: Tristanp, What probably be better still is to let those promises throw their exceptions and let it get caught by a global handler that does the logging.

Limones: No need for a bunch of onRejects and .catches for general things

Klosowski: What do you guys use for your end to end tests? webdriver?

Heifner: I like Mocha for unit testing

Padgett: Zap0: phantomjs is webkit only though, you dont test for ff or ie?

Kotzen: I don’t create code so bleedying edge that it should fail in FF or IE ;

Safier: I want to try learning Locust for stress testing

Kotzen: And frankly, i just don’t care about old browsers.

Okajima: It’s not necessarily that, for example, some browsers have deprecated some of the api, while others havent

Kotzen: Your code should be checking features anyway.

Kotzen: IE-recent ver is actually pretty good about most code. it’s just those older IEs that ****

Elvis: Ie11 still ****s for a lot of things

Elvis: Edge i don’t really have access to so i cant say

Guerry: I have had good luck with Edge so far, but it doesn’t have ad blockers yet so not using it all the time.

Elvis: I’ve heard its webgl support is about as bad as ie11 but with different problems so i’m not looking forward to dealing with it

Elvis: I think it has webaudio at least though, which is nice.

Guerry: Yeah. I have never done anything with webgl or webaudio, and am not planning on it either.

Kotzen: Lol, i did some Audio coding earlier today. and starter looking into using webaudio. but though i’d just hack up some WAV files instead.

Klimczyk: What do you do with webgl / audio tcsc ?

Rim: Is this json? {“example”:{“test”:”123″,”fruit”:”apple”}, {“test”:”456″,”fruit”:”banana”}, “somethingElse”:”123123″};

Guerry: Looks like it lumidee

Rim: Zap0, thanks for ***uring

Kotzen: Rim, but “123” might be 123.

Elvis: Renlo: game development. we mostly do educational stuff where i work atm.

Debski: Https://

Kotzen: Rim, so it’s not valid if you expected numbers instead of strings there

Guidera: How common is it in the web industry to work overtime with no overtime pay?

Wyly: That sounds fun tcsc . are the games intended to be run in web browsers? or are you doing some type of phonegap / mobile stuff with it as well?