Pcfreak30: if you give a.

Hirn: For example, it’d tell you line numbers

Dockery: Pcfreak30: http://www.lonniebest.com/formatcss/

Froehner: Reisio: it does give numbers, but it still doesnt make sense

Mujalli: Reisio: and my css is in an ide was already formatted

Heims: If you want help with syntax errors, you’re going to have to provide CSS that can be referred to more easily

Khalifah: The css i uploaded was not minified

Shoulder: Reisio: no thats the upload service. actually download and open the file

Schoeller: Sounds like a lot of work

Phinisee: Pcfreak30: which p**** error are you confused about

Dinovi: Wow. im shocked that pressing download is a hard thing/

Hallauer: I’m in a bunch of of support channels, and you want me to download something from a page I’ve already downloaded

Toscano: Reisio: from what i can see you copied off the preview page as downloading the file its not minified

Handerson: Pcfreak30: which p**** error are you confused about

Kraushaar: All. then general issue is a synta error due to a missing ;

Heaviland: But i cant find it in any of the selectors

Saice: What’s the error text?

Sawinski: Not sure I’m seeing that

Mulcahey: Also, which validator are you using

Ciccarone: Http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator

Bernskoetter: P**** error dximagetransform?

Huxtable: That isn’t CSS, so it won’t ever validate

Rodricks: Http://i.imgur.com/Y8djnYm.png

Setaro: No. i know that. needs to be in a ie css

Durrwachter: Attempt to find a semi-colon before the property name. add it

Myre: Thats causing the other errors like Value Error : background top is not a color value

Hamer: Normalize.CSS, What does it do and should it always be used?

Helfert: Hamer: it resets the css of the page to something thats default across all browers

Killingworth: To remove vendor bugs and quirks

Unrein: Hamer: it attempts to provide a template of CSS defaults that override browsers’ own defaults

Woloszczak: Hamer: I wouldn’t use it, it’s just substituting one set of CSS you’re ignorant of for another

Hamer: AHH and thats how it sets everything consistently across browsers

Bautista: The idea is noble, the execution is imperfect

Liter: Hamer: i think its good. thats just an opinion thouh. its a widely used thing

Balson: It’s better to make your own that you understand

Hamer: They put in hundreds of hours though it says lol… better to make my own

Esponda: Normalize.css is like the cheap central american t-shirt that is _supposed_ to fit you

Langstaff: Reisio: if fot learning sure, if to get the job done, no

Peer: If your concern is getting paid, you don’t even need to generate reliable code

Zackery: If you have a month to develop go ahead. if you need a project done its not going yo happen

Hamer: My concern is making good work lol.

Kelstrom: Hamer: my opinion is use it, review it to learn and move on. Making your own is overkill as long as you understand what the existing does

Meakin: Pcfreak30: it’s just fallout from the non-standard filter line

Pallan: Pcfreak30: put that crap last, or better yet just don’t use it

Steurer: Hamer: to make good work, you have to understand your components

Printup: Normalize.css won’t help you understand its defaults any more than you already don’t understand browsers’

Hamer: Sure, and this is why im asking about normalize.css

Talbot: Only educating yourself will do that

Salasar: Pcfreak30: if you give a validator non-standard code on purpose, invariably it will break