And if your experience is.

Hamer: Reisio: I don’t even know what you’re trying to say with that.

Petitto: Hamer: okay, let’s see

Bundi: A master violin maker

Finnin: He knows every aspect of his violin

Mautino: Where the wood comes from

Lampo: And that factors into his masterlyness

Tilgner: Let’s say he was offered a package instead of all those things he knows

Reagh: Do you think he’s still be a master if he ***umed all the qualities were the same?

Delarosa: Problem with contractions today

Adsit: It’s the knowing that makes your code good

Whiteaker: Now you can use normalize.css, and you can make sure you know what it’s doing

Scotts: Or. you can just not use normalize.css, and you can make sure you know what browsers are doing

Morganfield: It’s the same thing, knowing what’s going on

Witherington: But one involves an extra file you downloaded from a random dude

Acimovic: Http:// test: &eomRSt3qU . press the yellow button. How can I get the arrow ::after to be in flex to vertically center?

Steinbaugh: In the table beside the logo

Savaria: Pcfreak30: gray triangle pointing right?

Ronk: A:active, a:hover { outline: 0; } is a nice stupid bit in normalize.css

Lundeen: Hmmmm I don’t see any arrow there

Lucich: It’s fine if you embrace it on purpose

Nicholes: But if not, you’ve just disabled a usability feature for people

Smetana: Pcfreak30: what’s the selector?

Hamer: That just removes outline from hover, if you really wanted an outline couldnt you force it with important and keep the other featuers of normalize.css

Griffieth: But only if you knew about it, and it occurred to you

Hamer: So whats the issue other then you’re using the naughty !important

Sparks: Which is something you have to deal with without normalize.css, but only if you though of it

Eshbaugh: It’s simply substituting one unknown with another

Hamer: But then, wouldn’t a knowledgeable developer be able to handle normalize.css then?

Jedrey: You have to familiarize yourself with the defaults

Firestone: Whether they’re the browsers’ or normalize.css’s

Jamwant: The former is simply less code

Menjivar: And you can do whatever you like

Casso: Be not, and you will always be stuck

Hamer: Then I guess I’m solid like a rock

Somero: Reisio: td.vit:after.

Cartagena: Reisio: just made td.vit a flex

Porcher: Not sure if I need to though

Hamer: Why remove the hover though? Is it just because ea browser renders it differently so may as well ditch it?

Zbranek: Pcfreak30: man you have way too much css

Arancibia: Hamer: depends, if you meant like a “pumice rock”, possibly not 😛

Macconaghy: Hamer: well I wouldn’t most of the time

Harewood: People use that outline to refer to things

Hamer: Bprompt: haha, that was clever

Zehner: Reisio: sorry a lot of it is the menu thats auto generated. but my client isnt the best with ss and we arent moving to bootstrap for a while

Demaray: But if you replace it with some other cue, one could argue no harm done

Darugar: Normalize.css doesn’t do that, though

Lattimore: You would have to read the entire file and personally infer what you need to do as a consequence of what they added

Hamer: But is the outline rendered differently, I still don’t get why setting it to 0 makes it appear better consistently

Orvis: Reisio: so i know theres no structure atm

Cefaratti: And if your experience is enough, you wouldn’t need/want the file in the first place