Pcfreak30: be easier if.

Axford: Oh. ok bango2! Sorry!

Braim: Http://g.recordit.co/XcZB5AJX4n.gif Anyone able to tell me why this overflow hidden is causing the second button to go down?

Garriott: Hello, I am wondering how I could change the background color of the selected text in a *disabled* input. What would the selector look like?

Banyas: The input is of type “text” of course

Balasa: Https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Tech/XUL/Attribute/disabled

Balasa: Https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/%3Adisabled

Baller: Why does flex: not work with http://codepen.io/pcfreak30/pen/gaZOjQ to increase the space?

Balasa: You want them to fill the space horizontally?

Hatzenbihler: Balasa: thank you, but I don’t know how to combine that with -moz-selected : I would like the selected text in the input to be shown differently. Can I?

Droubay: Balasa: i want to space them out vertically without using margin.

Balasa: Probably either input:disabled::-moz-selected or input::-moz-selected:disables

Nickolas: I’ll try, thank you.

Balasa: Pcfreak30: aren’t they doing that now?

Kercher: If you disable flex-direction one increases

Mcindoe: Well, it didn’t work. Maybe it is not meant to be possible.

Dumouchel: In my real code I have 2 icons i tags using after. But they wont space out without margin. Trying to use flex only

Balasa: Pcfreak30: right, because it has a larger flex value than the others

Barsamian: Balasa: the flex value doesnt affect it in column it seems

Bothof: Im trying to make one bigger as im trying to vertically center stuff in a table universally

Loehlein: Eiku: IIRC you can’t select text in an disabled input, is up to the UA but, that’s usually the behaviour on most

Balasa: Wow i forgot how terrible browsers still are at laying out flex

Steighner: Pcfreak30: got picture of what you’re trying to do?

Mcquaid: Is there any alternative to flex universally vertically centering items? Got stuff in a TD that is on the left and right and want to have them stay in the vertical center.

Balasa: Pcfreak30: it’s because you aren’t giving it any extra height

Balasa: So there isn’t any extra space for the larger one

Laskin: Balasa: http://dev.financer.com/sv/ test: &eomRSt3qU

Boyanton: Click the slider button “Jämför lån nu”, then look at the icons on the 1st table column. if you remove the margin off the i tags you will see my problem

Balasa: Pcfreak30: defining justify-content: center; helps to center them

Acosta: No that shifts them horizonally

Rosenbaum: I need them spaced out

Mirabile: They overlap of you remove the margin-bottom:15

Balasa: That’s not flex’s fault, that’s because your ::after isn’t inline-block

Lopau: Thank you, thats what i needed to know

Lafayette: Why inline-block over flex?

Honma: Simpler, better supported?

Balasa: Pcfreak30: the ::after didn’t have flex on it

Balasa: So i’m not sure what you’re asking

Wempe: So children of a flex box need to be inline-block or block?

Balasa: In your case it had nothing to do with flex, it had to do with how the height of the a changed because of making the ::after inline-block

Cambre: Balasa: ok so its spaced out but why does setting flex/flex-grow to a higher number not increase the gap?

Balasa: Same as the codepen, there’s no extra room

Eblen: So a height has to be set for that?

Inzerillo: Can anyone explain where these p**** errors are at? I cant seem to follow what the validator is saying. https://transfer.sh/135lhs/style.css

Tobolski: Pcfreak30: be easier if your CSS were readable at all