Need to make a layout like.

Boyter: Ok. I’ll read some more. Thanks. Need to make our site WCAG 2.0 compatible.

Everage: Helly: it could be ##a11y, not sure

Limbert: In chrome it has no effect

Emison: Xatenev, for me it has

Motayen: Mh. firts time actually working with foundation and bootstrap. It’s only good for those who don’t know CSS

Emison: Xatenev, what did u do?

Tankersly: All I want is for this list to be visible on focus partially hidden now

Glow: For the inner elements the .quantity cl*** setting display inline block

Belknap: Set a fixed height for the element and remove the padding change it to 0 9px

Victory: Remove the width from the parent element quantity_counter

Carnevale: And set a fixed height for the parent element too

Totman: I m looking for people who have spare time to help me on semantic form / Je cherche des gens qui ont du temps pour m’aider sur semantic form – /contact me on #libreidea

Lawter: I really need help. the minimal thing i need to learn to be able to create a fairly decent site UI. I’m mainly a backend java developer, know some js, html, and css. only design is wanting.

Handal: I want to be able to create simple stuff like:

Carandang: Sl33k: thanks for telling us xd

Morna: What books should i read?

Legassie: Xatenev: what would i need to learn

Demos: Well if you alrdy know some js html and css then just pick a frontend framework

Schreifels: So u can create beautiful responsive designs quick

Kearns: Hi the top links like my account i want dots infront of them i use this line 399.links li { display:inline; background:url./images/devider_links.gif left 4px no-repeat; padding:0 13px 0 9px; }

Zuber: Xatenev: i dont know how to combine all of this together creatively

Harnly: So i dont know where to start designing a good web page

Bartow: But on the login link is no dot and my account it is to close

Natiello: I still using /br in my projects, it’s ok or not /

Amailla: ErfanBs that is html !

Larez: Atoem: i asked my question in #html channel but they said i should ask here !

Kleven: You can use /br it is still validate html

Laday: Atoem: there is another way or i should only use /br ?

Lassere: ErfanBs: psh, no they didn’t ;

Strause: There is with css width

Mainer: Buell: yes they did, last night when i asked my question they said that. now i asked my question again in #html but i they doesn’t answer my question yet

Demaine: Does z-index matter when an element is in abo****e ?

Halechko: What was the property when you could scroll content but the background stays fixed? background:fixed or background-attachment:fixed?

Vilar: People actually like that fixed background thing?

Porro: If it is a nice girl!

Coutts: ErfanBs: you should only use br in poems and addresses, where the line break has semantic meaning.

Coutts: If you just want an arbitrary line break, use display: block and mragins

Coutts: Also br is a self-closing tag, so /br isn’t a thing

Rehart: Http://

Solley: Is it true that if style.scss includes s*** partials, then compiling just style.scss will generate the entire ***et style.css as wanted?

Kail: Solley: the same with less

Harris: Your mostly having a main.scss /main.less smth like that which includes all seperated scss/less files you have

Warson: I tend to look at scss/less like php

Lundin: Can anyone perhaps help me with this:

Moller: Need to make a layout like that, and each of thoze t****zoids should contain a background image, text, etc