Or Pascal in general.

Psuik: Terrone: Hi, is there something equivalent to sprintf in Javascript?

Borne: What’s the usual name for “urls under which an API responds to stuff”? API endpoints?

Mcmann: I’m sure there are several sprintf implementations, but it’s not normal to use one

Delekta: I want to build a String with Date, so just for readability i would like to use another method to the concatenation

Vay: Oh found my function, index-by on npm *sigh*

Shankles: FffuuuL, other than using es6 template literals, you could do ‘foo %s bar’.replace’%s’, myDateString

Podesta: But string concat is the norm in es5, so just do that

Ussery: Js “{0}{1}”.format”{1}”, “{0}”;

Gerrero: FffuuuL: TypeError: “{0}{1}”.format is not a function

Ising: Okay, will do that GreenJello

Gerrero: Terrone: string ‘Is that time in miliseconds?1441368038568’

Propp: The value returned by the getTime method is the number of milliseconds since 1 January 1970 00:00:00 UTC.

Doler: Js ‘sey’.split”.reverse.join”

Gerrero: Terrone: string ‘yes’

Sanchirico: Ik zoek voor een webgame farmerama achtig een partner, wie intresse ?

Stampley: Siepeltje I don’t read dutch but you are searching for a partner to make a webgame with?

Klausner: Hey, use a real fish. *tosses whale*

Jacquelin: Ankr html5 javascript mysql

Merenda: I already got an base for the game but its to much for me alone

Walsworth: I want to take a road trip with some developers, and play the license plate game, but you can use only buzzwords.

Slark: I’m trying to map over an array with a “method” using arr.mapthis.myMethod.bindthis but the first parameter I receive in my map function is not from the array

Delrossi: Any idea what could be causing this?

Lundborg: As a dane I can read surprisingly much of dutch.

Nodarse: Zalatovo: then what is it?

Piraino: Xatenev ISO 8601 please ;

Mundell: Nod****: something of type “object”

Earthman: Nod****: I’m thinking it might be this from the bind

Weinreich: Sry no idea bout dates 😀

Dejonge: Hehe, just keep ISO 8601 in mind then 😛

Ilasin: Ankr: thats the standard?

Nodarse: Zalatovo: could you reproduce it on jsbin or something similar?

Tomeldan: Xatenev yeah – at least de facto.

Frampton: So just exactly the other way around

Kosareff: Nod****: sure, just a second, I’m going to see which keys it has

Suttin: Array.prototype.map = functioncallback, thisArg { T = thisArg; mappedValue = callback.callT, kValue, k, O; }

Suttin: Arr.mapthis.myMethod, this;

Nodarse: Suttin: mutating Array.prototype, really?

Schroy: Suttin: Arrrr! this me method, this!

Bochenski: I read that in an angry pirate voice

Suttin: Nod****, that was from the polyfill on https://developer.mozilla.org/fr/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Objets_globaux/Array/map

Koslan: What programming language does a pirate use?

Nodarse: Suttin: but you copied just part of it, so it reads like something straange

Gerrero: Hameen: Pyret http://www.pyret.org/

Nishioka: Hameen, There seems to be something wrong with that page. The blocks in the code aren’t surrounded by braces. It must be an oversite. Everyone knows you need braces for a proper language.

Cadenas: They have a lot of braces in those examples

Mcmahill: Can’t be having that “end” garbage.

Reider: Before someone get’s properly irritated, I’m just being difficult

Gramham: Does anyone other than my co-workers still use Delphi?

Oliger: Or Pascal in general?