It is but if you change.

Mattia: Um guys, how do i put the thing in the center of the page?

Moscoso: Http://

Majors: Mark__, margin-left: auto and margin-right: auto

Matarrita: If all of that is in one container div

Loyer: Is ::placeholder the most correct method of coloring the placeholder text of a textarea?

Ansbro: I’d like to get the input bar along with the “X” to the right side of the buttons, but make the input bar scale longer/shorter as the screen width changes any ideas?

Moro: Hi. I just followed a tutorial on YouTube for a bootstrap navbar, but it didn’t turn out quite right.

Gambrell: Is there a good way to clean out unused css elements?

Lumas: Not particularly, unless all of your stuff is all in one page or some such. There are add-ons that affect things like Firebug to add unused CSS indicators or lists.

Zand: However if page a uses styles 1 and page b uses styles 2 it might flag things that aren’t used by the page you’re on but needed by the other one.

Mulkins: Musashi007, there might other tools, I suppose you could make something that visits all pages on your site, runs all selectors, then determines if some don’t match anything. special case for :hover, etc. to make sure you don’t remove those if they match except for that.

Campese: I wonder, probably doable with something like Phantom, maybe. :

Mcnitt: When you inspect something in developer tools, does it indicate the actual name of the div? It doesn’t appear to on my site but it could be because it’s running off of haml

Rinehardt: What is the name of the div? you mean id?

Schonfeld: As an example, I made a div whose id was ‘fronstuff’ on this page: but it does not appaer to show up when I view it using the dev tools in chrome

Santacruce: Musashi007: div id=”frontstuff”?

Benford: You’re able to see it ?

Toppah: Faskinating. maybe it’s my inability to use the dev toosl

Burington: Did you just view source?

Santacruce: View source, and u can find it

Santacruce: Can also find it in dev tools

Pepple: Vertical border that extends the entire container?

Ohlmann: Nwmcsween_: was that a question?

Ketchen: HI, can anyone tell me when you do responsive design, what kinds of breakpoints you will use if design on 960 grid system?

Ohlmann: Ling2: use whatever ‘breakpoints’ you need to adjust the design.

Ohlmann: Ling2: and best to forget about ‘960 grid system’ as that is not responsive at all

Kedzierski: Ohlmann: i see. ok, thx

Ohlmann: Ling2: start your design narrow, use percentages for widths. Make it look good. Gradually increase the width. When it starts to look bad, add a media query, and adjust the layout/design. Rinse and repeat.

Ohlmann: When you adjust the design, you can adjust layouts, widths, sizes, whatever — to make the site ‘responsive’

Lahr: Could anyone please help me figure out why safari doesnt like a transform?

Lutzi: Salusinarduis, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Mcnuh: Ohlmann: how to determin min or max width of smart phone, ipad, and destop

Ohlmann: Ling2: do not think about devices == breakpoints

Wamack: The transform: translateY doesnt work in safari

Ohlmann: Just think about the design in the way I just explained — it will make your life simpler and design better and more future proof

Hogans: Scrolling is disabled atm, im only talking about the moving names on the right

Ohlmann: Salusinarduis: they are moving upwards for me on Safari

Lossett: It is but if you change tabs then cahnge back the speed changes drastically