Thanks AMcBain, I opted for.

Rougeaux: Also it begins using hardware for the transform after switching tabs which beats me

Lopresto: Ohlmann: i see, that’s probaberly explain i saw one responsive design by using breakpoints: 0-719, 719-959, 0-959 and 960+

Ohlmann: Ling2: yes, that’s a somewhat limited way to think about responsive design

Lutter: Ohlmann do you see what i mean?

Ohlmann: Salusinarduis: hmm not really TBH

Kopps: Did you switch safari tabs then switch back?

Falbo: Ugh wtf, are you on the latest safari?

Gasque: Would you call the animation glitchy?

Elerick: Any comments on the overall concept? 😛

Ohlmann: Looks nice — don’t like the inability to scroll

Leath: Yeah just havent made that yet

Londner: Ohlmann do you think i should move the login button onto the left, or make the scrolling names fade out before they reach the top to prevent them from covering the login button?

Ohlmann: Salusinarduis: how would that work at different screen heights?

Subera: How would “bar b” be vertically aligned to the top alongside “bar a”, within “foo”, at

Culton: Http:// corrects a minor syntax inconsistency

Tysarczyk: Kellytk: this will help you understand your problem and learn how to do what you need

Bills: Im trying to get a white bg when using fullscreen on a specific element

Robleto: Ive tried targeting the element specifically, and even using *:fullscreen { background-color: #fff; }

Daughtery: Nothing seems to work, i still get a back bg

Swida: I have page1.html with meta name=”viewport” content=”width = device-width”

Hairell: And page2.html without it. the logo img gets displayed at different sizes on mobile. how can i make them equal? if i add the viewport on page2.html it messes with the layout and the font size

Iracheta: B0xa, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Twiford: Romanello: mm local dev server of large app .

Malgieri: Seems like a fairly common case

Tysarczyk: B0xa: common is relative :

Waisner: Is that using the selector correctly?

Belfy: Tysarczyk: Thanks, I’ve figured it out with the help of that article

Shall: How can i only apply css on the viewport/mobile devices?

Zilahi: I can see it in devtools however it seems overridden by the elements background-color property . however i can override it and it still doesnt give the backdrop a correct color

Tysarczyk: Kellytk: you’ll never be haunted by that problem again : good job!

Overbey: Is it possible to eliminate ghost spaces due to div elements being on a new line in the do***ent source?

Polucha: I know it is simple question but why i cannot see arrow

Brandy: I want to show button inside territory i used background-size:cover but it doesnt work. Do you have any suggestion?

Loggins: Http://

Bullocks: Kellytk, Remove spaces from inline and inline-block elements:

Kimball: This is working but i need to ensmall to button to put into territoy any suggestion?

Ivrin: Hellyeah, Well two things: 1 background-size won’t affect the size of the element it is applied to and 2 if you define a background: .; after definition the background-* properties, it will overwrite them all.

Sport: What do i need to do?

Huttman: Thanks AMcBain, I opted for the “font-size:0” solution