Calemine: Bprompt If you play with the height and width on .container nothing happens. .container holds the guts of the drop down menu. Not sure why .container is being so rebelious.

Kish: DerekZero__: .container { unruly: none;

Haberern: DerekZero__: does “foo logo” have a set width?

Selph: DerekZero__: so. where does it get its width?

Hefner: From it’s parent. Interestingly enough, when I set .logo to width: 100% it fills up half the length of it’s parent. hmm

Stmarie: Hello, I want to make an UL take the rest of the table space. How can I do that?

Cheshire: Weird

Ruffner: Bfig, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Hargraves: DerekZero__: from its parent? how is a child going to get a width from its parent if none is set on it? if you don’t set any in anyway, it’ll simply get whatever default it gets

Hendershott: Romanello: p***word admin:admin, menu waste management – plan de charges, click on the datepicker and pick the 2nd row, then it’s the tables that have a list of clients

Hardy: Bprompt I think it’s interesting that if I set .logo width to 100% it still leaves some space in the parent. I wonder why.

Kennamer: Theoretically it would span across 100% the width of the body no? Even with the relative .container in the way I don’t know why it’s leaving that gap after.

Haver: DerekZero__: is that legal setting the css to nav .logo ?

Willson: You have div cl***=”logo”

Homen: Oh nvm they are two different things

Fullard: Frenchiie I was afk for a second.

Karman: DerekZero__: what did you mean by .logo leaving some space in the parent

Chasser: I was just looking at the codepen you shared

Shield: In the view it appears that after logo and the dropdown menu there’s still space on the right.

Mankey: DerekZero__: hm dont see this space you are talking about

Sarr: In five dresses? in five personalities? with five legs?

Hooey: Five dresses would’ve been interesting bprompt

Amlin: This riddle is still throwing me for a curve

Weltz: The fox five leg show

Maring: I am trying to hide the number at the bottom of each slide – click on slide number 4 to see it.

Pake: I tried .slide ::after {display: none} in the head of the page but it doesn’t work

Coxon: Owen1: you probably want .slide::after

Haseltine: Coxon: thanks! also, it’s not working when i put it in the head of the index.html file. it’s fine when i moved it to an external css file. is it i limitation of ::after?

Wojtczak: Anyone know how the netflix loading icon is made?

Yidiaris: Is it made in css or?

Coxon: Owen1: shouldn’t matter, might have been a specificity thing

Gibbens: Coxon: i had this originaly: headstyle .slide::after { display:none; } /style/head

Maynerich: Hi, anyone use foundation here? i was wondering how to deal with fix width columns. left column is fixed width but right is medium-6. however I’d like the right column to start shrinking rather than maintain medium-6 once it hits the contents of the left column

Ziglar: Hi guys. I’m having a hard time understanding why this table is on the bottom and not to the right of my div block.

Howey: What is causing the base of the button at to extend below that of the textarea?

Sequra: Kellytk, use box-sizing: border-box;

Buehner: Kellytk,

Laurelli: Vertical-align: bottom;