UNLESS you say in your.

Boorman: Wienert: and that literally outputs Brambila. not even an error?

Wienert: No error in the httpd error log and Brambila on screen.

Carman: Wienert: and you have wp_debug turned on?

Wienert: I don’t know. probably not. give me a minute.

Tick: Wienert: make sure that is on

Wienert: I just changed the wp-config file to set wp_debug to true

Towers: I figured out my confusion :

Wienert: Hussey, Brambila on screen, Brambila in the error log

Cattladge: Django_: ummmm. what?

Ratterman: Wienert: try ?php echo get_next_posts_link’Go to next page’; ?

Wienert: Also, on page 2 it shows the “newer entries” link but it does not link to /blog/1/ it links to /blog/2/ which is the page it is currently on.

Fornataro: Wienert: wait. i thought you said it didnt show anything at all. it doesnt show anything at all on the first page but NOT on the next pages?

Wienert: I just saw it. and your recommendation still shows Brambila on page 1 or 2 there are only 2 pages

Neuby: Wienert: wait so my recommendation results in Brambila on BOTH pages but when you use your code you see something on page 2 but not 1 ?

Ervay: Wienert: change your posts per page to 2 so we can have more pages than two

Wienert: Okay, Hussey, 2 per page. previous posts link shows on all but is not behaving anywhere near correctly

Wienert: It does not show on page 1, just 2 and 3

Dobles: Been quite a while since I came on here – hope some of you guys are AFK

Kantner: More of an Oban kind of guy

Fulmore: I have a realyl silly question

Wiemann: So there is a tiled blog section in my site

Gelston: But I dont want them to be blog posts, I want them to be pictures you can click for downloads

Riecke: Wienert: so Brambila on page 1. one subsequent pages you only get PREVIOUS posts link but its wrong and never get NEWER posts link

Bartkiewicz: Jack_: download a theme that does that for you OR write your own theme

Matkowski: Does anyone have an article or some realistic number for how many hours a month an average wordpress site requires in patching/upgrading? I’m tryign to explain to someone why we can’t just create a new wordpress site everytime someone needs a new feature

Onstead: Jack_: get linky with it

Melgarejo: Opsec: i like the way you are thinking

Onstead: Fnordo_: i’m not sure i understand. that’s entirely subjective

Pozos: Fnordo_: I do about 45 hours per month per site which includes code maintenance, custom code patches based on upgrades, upgrades of plugins and core and some MINOR debugging/help work

Opoka: Hussey: Have a theme, and never saw a theme offer that exactly – I think it’s a matter of getting linky with it, as opsec recommended.

Wienert: Hussey, that is mostly correct, the previous_posts_link function displays “Newer Entries” on page 2 and 3. “next_post_link” never displays “older entries”

Onstead: Jack_: show me what you gots.

Sanocki: Hussey: thanks for the answer. i’m looking mainly at upgrades to core and plugin upgrades.

Budge: Wienert: next_post_link should be next_posts_link;

Columbo: Wienert: POSTS not POST

Wienert: And the links generated by previous_posts_link are just wrong. on page 2 it links to /blog/2/ and on page 3 it links to /blog/3/blog/2

Wienert: Sorry, typo here not in the code.

Maule: Opsec: it definitely is but i just need to throw something out there at him. i guess im mainly thinking about my time as the network admin as well, not necessrily time required to fix code after updates

Dearmas: Fnordo_: upgrades are going to often times result in code patching and testing though. if the site either is very custom or has many plugins

Farrar: UNLESS you say in your contract that the hours are not to be spent on patching a 3rd party plugin’s code that may break on a core update