If you keep cliking the.

Sadri: A. british microsoft exec said that. wow

Rochlin: So right now, it’s very risky for European webdesigners to use Google ****ystics.

Loucks: Anyone know how can I get the bottom right arrow that comes up when you scroll to show up on Mobile? http://www.thestepfordguide.com

Daise: Yeah, they can’t really go after google but they can go after a web designer

Tayo: That’s pretty scary

Vertiz: Should i remove ****ytics?

Carrick: Vertiz: yeah. You have to warn the user about Google ****ystics and have to ask him to allow to use cookies.

Vertiz: Ohh i visited a site recently

Vertiz: And it asked me to accept c ookies or get off the site

Vertiz: Lol thats messed up :

Linear: Geeeet up on outta here with your non cookie accepting ***

Ohayon: Vertiz: sure. but Google can track you over all pages. that’s pretty lame.

Waszmer: Vertiz: as soon as you’re logging in, the “unknown user” gets a name.

Hulin: Vertiz & bprompt: wow, I’ve found something deep in the code of the website. $”#content_ff”.css’height’, $”#content”.height;

Dejonge: Vertiz & bprompt: Seems like this jQuery function was used to extent content_ff to 100% ?

Wisenor: Man. html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml” – the old designer was an idiot!

Minch: Anyone know how can I get the bottom right arrow that comes up when you scroll to show up on Mobile? http://www.thestepfordguide.com

Plankey: Xreal_alt: http://www.webdevout.net/test?0on&raw — was thinking on something along those lines, but notice, that, using that, you’d need to use the url for each img in the background url though, other than that, all you’d need, is the image only

Nettleingham: And I gather, for that, a preprocessor would come in handy

Zavacky: Bprompt: wow, nice. I’ll play around with this tomorrow.

Balfour: If I’m making a ul dropdown list and all the UL’s are opening when I hover on the first, what might be wrong with my syntax?

Klimesh: The biggest obstacle is that I’m trying to understanding the issues that arise after they compile from S***.

Wiehe: What can I debug for you busslewoo

Stanly: DerekZero__: Sounds like your :hover isn’t properly qualified to the :first-child or however you’re selecting

Stanly: DerekZero__: Did you inspect the actual styles being applied if you don’t have s*** source mapping

Schabel: Stanly Actually that’s precisely the challenge. I can make it happen in CSS, but writing it from S*** is a challenge. But I need to master it from S*** to be abe to edit the site fom S***. Here’s a test case http://codepen.io/anon/pen/epPEEj?editors=110

Stanly: DerekZero__: Wow that’s a big style

Stanly: Well I can’t help you, don’t know much s***

Stanly: Where I could just write a normal css selector and it works fine

Furay: I figure it’s mere identation syntax holding me back

Pamperin: Yeah, I can make it work on CSS. It’s such a road block to try to convert it to S***. Curse my life

Niemietz: What should folder and file permissions be for a site? 755, 644 respectively?

Paciorek: Does top/bottom positioning not work with an inline-block div?

Sipp: Because it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the positioning of my div, only left/right do

Knoles: Hey: http://jsfiddle.net/on5x0djr/

Gibas: Oh right sorry i should have mentioned it works with px but not %

Millstein: I wanted to do top:50% for example

Lisherness: Doesn’t move the div though

Benefiel: 50% from it’s parent div

Tolin: Hi on this site http://bit.ly/1MePqKb when using Firefox, on full screen, if you click on the hamburger menu link, and the side bar opens when you click on a submenu triangle it selects that menuhighlights how can i prevent this ?

Tolin: If you keep cliking the triangle fast a few times, it selects the primary menu item in chorme aswell