Wow what a can of.

Vertiz: Is that what youj wanted to achieve?

Klitzing: Vertiz: no, it’s great now. But this is gonna drive me crazy:

Vertiz: Xreal_alt: #content_ff { position: absolute; width: 50%; top: 305px; right: 0px !important; min-height: 1050px; background-color: #fff; }

Vertiz: It’s a bodge job but just change to 1050px

Simonetta: Vertiz: I removed it, but it didn’t change. Let me play around with it again

Vertiz: It will get rid of that spot

Edmonds: Vertiz: Interesting, FX’s inspectpr tells me, it’s min-height: 800px;

Paoli: Vertiz: but what happens, if the content of the page is longer than 1050 ?

Vertiz: Not many height is over 1050px

Caldera: Oh sorry, I need sleep :

Curls: Vertiz: I mean, if the content pushes the site over 1050

Deupree: But it’s min-height, so it’s okay, isn’t it?

Vertiz: Oh then you have a problem i think

Vertiz: Are you using static content or dynamic?

Vertiz: I’d suggest using a propper grid system xd

Vertiz: Http://

Menne: Vertiz: it’s a mixture. I didn’t program this website, I’m only updating it. But 90% is static.

Vertiz: Yea it’s messed up here

Mierzwa: Vertiz: hmm. won’t height: 100% help? it should run until the bottom of the page.

Bowling: Vertiz: it’s a pupil corporation’s website. nothing commercial, so I support them for free.

Vertiz: And #footer_ff { z-index:1;}

Lemanski: Vertiz: only on this page or on the main css ?

Kushi: Vertiz: looks messed up now.

Murallies: Vertiz: I really can’t get this one fixed.

Vertiz: Only thing i can think of is umm

Vertiz: I can photoshop it if you dont have it

Mazzeo: Can you guys help me out again for, it doesn’t seem to pull up on a mobile browser, Stumped!

Kinnie: Vertiz: nah, that’s a work-around I don’t like ;

Nakamori: Vertiz: I’ve got a legt PS version btw :

Kase: Can’t I put a white div in the background covering it all ?

Schelb: Bprompt: do you’ve got an idea?

Szeto: Vertiz: also the main page is messed up now

Morison: I’ve got an idea for a work-around !

Levenson: Xreal_alt: what the ****ens are you hmm doing now?

Mergen: Bprompt:

Kuja: Vertiz: have a look :

Chiola: Why shall I hack with CSS if there’s an easy solution?

Wilcoxson: Xreal_alt: looks fine

Brandes: I just let the background shine through on the right ;

Hilyer: It would look better, if the white content ends at the line of “Presse”. Let’s hack.

Kunka: Btw: the old webdesigner uses cookies and google ****ystics all over the page.

Dethlefsen: I think, this isn’t needed at all.

Leaver: Since I’m in Europe, there is some trouble in terms of Google ****ytics right now

Reighard: Xreal_alt: oh, is it down?

Villacrusis: Reighard: no, but there are problems with personal data.

Reighard: Yes, when you got an online shop on the site you need to take this into account

Rourk: European Court of Justice doesn’t want Google to store user’s data in the USA.

Nanthanong: There was a “safe habour” contract, which the Court doesn’t accept.

Reighard: Oh all this complicated legal stuff

Strom: Musashi007:

Berberian: Wow what a can of worms