Is it okay to use tables.

Pytlewski: Anyone using Flexbox for production ?

Wyrick: It depends on your clients and their browser usages / minimums.

Kurisu: For browser compatibility . still doing research but I think it’s time to move to the good stuff

Second: Well things are somewhat quicklyish moving beyond browsers that don’t support it. The “ish” bit being that IE moves at a slower pace and Edge will be trapped to Windows 10, presumably, so anyone on 7 will no longer receive browser updates, though I don’t know in a year how many of those remaining on it are actually using IE. :

Piscitello: And 11 does support it, so as long as most move to 11 it’s not as big of a deal.

Nicolella: And what about older FF & Chrome browsers . do they support Flex ?

Kosiba: Fx* and if you’re looking back, and trust the numbers from Caniuse there’s a sharp drop off of users as you go back, so something around 37 or so is the last of any big groupings of users.

Biscardi: Firefox itself doesn’t lose full support of flexbox until you go back before version 28.

Homburg: Chrome requires prefixes in version from 21 to 28, but has unprefixed support for 29+. They also have a rapid release cycle so as indicated by Caniuse their drop off is around version 45.

Shazier: AMcBain: Sounds good. FOr now only want ti support latest browsers which is over 90% of the web now support flexbox . if my clients want more support they can pay for it :

Crowl: As long as it’s not unnecessarily used when other things would do just fine or perhaps more simply then fixing things for support of older browsers should not be a big deal.

Vanvleet: Can anyone tell me why the background image isn’t working on this website?

Whetzel: Http://

Cullin: Mark__: to be honest, it seems, that you are only inserting background-image through javascript – file xe.min.js – and your JS seems to have bugs

Das: Um, no. i put it into the css

Visnocky: Mark__: ok, I see it now

Woodward: Mark__: sorry, those imgs I’ve seen are comming from jquery-ui

Bertman: Can you tell me the name of the style or the name of the img ?

Troiani: Http://

Apland: This is the image that im trying to load

Eustache: Http://

Dominges: This webpage has the css loading code.

Cardwell: Mark__: sorry man, but by simply searching for 1.png through all the styles downloaded, nothing comes up

Arlia: Well, at least you tried to help. thanks, i’ll get back if i need additional help

Kiever: Http://

Rennels: Mark__: I’d suggest you check your styles and possibly minification workflow, the style doesn’t get loaded

Gabor: At leat in google chrome

Blinston: Someone else just told me the same thing.

Nanez: Mark__: possibly try to put the body rule at the very bottom, because it’s possible, that it get’s somehow overidden by some later rule. I see, that you’re using some noramlize-css or css-reset rules

Chakkalakal: Does an absolutely positioned element in a relative container stay in the flow of the page?

Sandhaus: I’m trying to print a page at exactly 100%, but somehow whatever I try, Chrome and Safari are scaling it :

Pevsner: Does anyone know what that might be?

Parkhurst: I.e. a 10mm line becomes 12mm when printing with chrome/safari on OSX

Darjean: Hi guys I’m having issues with my images responsiveness, I believe due to isotope filtering, can anyone offer advice ?

Darjean: Hi guys I’m having issues with my images responsiveness, I believe due to isotope filtering, can anyone offer advice ?

Panzarella: Is it okay to use tables here?