I feel like my page is.

Fietek: Even winxp updates to ie11

Newfield: Hmm, didn’t know about XP

Weslow: Merkazu_: the point is, you seem to be just saying “well he told me so”

Stimpert: Where as, your job is not to just smile and nod

Orzechowski: But to go and be informed and present to him the case as the person who handles technology

Waddouds: And if he still wants you to go down that route, even with all the evidence

Kudrle: Then smile and nod and do it

Maynez: Or go find another job

Deiss: Tons of jobs out there for developers

Mountjoy: But, the important thing is, that oyu, as the developer, share a responsibility in that decision

Edgcomb: Yeah, it’s my first professional job, fairly inexperienced in that matter

Varriano: I’ll take the advice to heart

Tress: Or is there a tech guy above you

Zellars: And for what its worth, nobody here is trying to give you a hard time

Kjos: Just trying to arm you with information

Satter: Formally? neither. whole shop is about equal besides management

Cailler: The majority of things are done here via green screen interface

Cleverley: Its like a call center or something?

Barber: You guys have dummy terminals everywhere?

Castellan: The other 10% is me and my coworker

Lamme: Consumer staples industry

Caligari: Biggest problem imo is the bus factor

Stoett: Riding the bus? ohhh because of the other guy’s armpit odor? just get a ventilated window seat =

Mcpheron: Big project, manager hopes it’ll give the department some respect it deserves, i’m the only one that could be allocated to the project due to wo***oad on other devs

Vanamerongen: I leave, big project is essentially dead in the water

Martindelcamp: That gives you a bit of leverage

Mcelreath: They’ve been trying to recruit new people for almost an year and their web candidates have all turned them down

Cianci: Merkazu_: that might tell you something about the company :

Brizendine: Hey there. Is there a way to use background-image with ie 8?

Besse: Mmhm, that no one wants to come out and work in the midwest for ~45k :

Veneman: Merkazu_: remote workers. and going rate is a bit higher than that

Coughran: I’ve said it over and over again, they just won’t believe in remote workers

Veneman: Then they made their own problem

Lammie: Probably my best option to look around anyway, doubt review next month would compensate for this

Rimbey: Just got a ticket submitted by the QA team

Okerblom: Scrandaddy: yes, use background-image :

Marolt: Is that even english?

Tretina: Can anyone offer some feedback on my site that would make it better https://public-party.herokuapp.com/

Ayele: It uses english words

Roswell: Bprompt: hmm, it seems like background-size doesn’t work in ie8? is there a way to get around that?

Harten: Scrandaddy: you asked on background-image though, and that one, should work in ie8

Veneman: EllisTAA: the font is too narrow to be easily read. you should never have more than one h1 on a page

Veneman: You should never need to use br/

Veneman: You should never use empty divs for space

Brun: Is that for seo reasons

Veneman: No, because it’s stupid

Hollomon: EllisTAA it’s not looking ok on firefox, all blue circles instead of pics

Braum: Veneman: thank you for your wonderful help and patient! have a good night.

Grastorf: I just fixed that on my personal site

Amadeo: I feel like my page is empty