The only downside I find to.

Stabell: Like you can delete things without blowing your copy register with black hole register _

Conlogue: Gillice: same way you paste anything

Torrado: Use :reg to see most of the other registers

Kalkman: Gillice: :set paste, insert mode, past

Azzarito: That will paste from my local machine

Kalkman: Right, which is what you were asking about right

Grapp: I need to paste something from the clipboard of a remote machine

Vafiadis: I just do :set paste, ctrl+shift+v

Kalkman: You yanked to your local machine, now you want to paste it

Banaszak: I think I yanked to my server’s clipboard

Angelou: Cat local file or some

Harborth: Then there’s no clipboard support

Longaker: Vim is running in tmux on my ubuntu server which I am connected to using ssh

Kalkman: Yeah this is the dealio I run into, getting it back out through all the layers

Kalkman: You can make it work to yank direct to your local clipboard ThePendulum

Ulmen: Easier to paste it to sprunge and copy it from my browser

Minzenmayer: Also pasting in a ubuntu terminal is ctrl + shift + v

Penhollow: Maybe someone could invent clipboard-over-ssh, but I’ve not heard of it

Vafiadis: If you launch ssh with X forwarding the -X flag, then “+y will just work, since xclip will interact with your local clipboard

Vafiadis: Er, at least it will linux-to-linux

Vafiadis: I dunno how that works with osx

Maxson: I’m not on OS X though

Tricoli: Someone else will have to try that

Vafiadis: With windows you’d have to be running xming or something, presumably

Buscaglia: X11 forwarding request failed on channel 0

Kalkman: Who developers on windows though seriously

Vafiadis: Huh. worked for me with no extras

Kalkman: Step 1 to dev on windows, blow away install for linux, or at least install a VM

Vafiadis: Gillice: are you on windows or linux?

Lango: Developing on a VM? more like, I’d rather flip burgers for a living

Vafiadis: I hate developing in windows too though. garbate for virtual workspaces

Nishio: Ssh to a vm is how i survive. otherwise it’s windows.

Vafiadis: The best I’ve found is dexpot

Kalkman: That’s how I do all my work, and I’m on OS X

Kalkman: It’s easier than trying to make my os x environment exactly like prod and I hate dealing with local inconsistencies, it just annoys me

Kalinoski: I develop on android in a chroot jail

Buccino: Lango, You don’t develop on a VM? You’re missing out

Kalkman: I definitely like the more disposable approach to dev

Vafiadis: I like containers over virtual machines if I’m on a shared kernel though. less resource intensive

Kalinoski: I wish someone would steal my phone so I could ssh to it and sslstrip their IP traffic

Lango: Just leave it at a mcdonalds then

Craigwell: Use a cheaper phone for that trick

Vafiadis: Most people who steal phones will probably immediately turn it off anyway

Vafiadis: To protect against “find my phone”

Mankowski: I’m working on Windows on my computer but no one knows I’m secretly working on Linux. sshhh

Kalinoski: If you factory reset my phone I could still get to it

Vafiadis: You rootkit your own phone eh

Paulhus: Windows is just the better os.

Hainsey: Paulhus, For what? I stay away from windows like its the plague

Lango: Because you can play skyrim on it

Vafiadis: The only downside I find to using linux on an everyday basis is that the applications often have better UIs