I still do all my work.

Chaudhuri: I thankfully at least found a good pastebin plugin for vim

Vafiadis: It’s easier if you set keyboard shortcuts for :set paste and :set nopaste

Lango: The only thing I ever have to copy paste is compile error message and http links, neither of which show up in my vim usually

Kalkman: Depends on your setup

Kalkman: That never works for me

Bolton: Torkable: yeah, but then it’s only available within vim

Vafiadis: You could also write a vim script to get a toggle going for paste/nopaste?

Sandow: Gillice: no that’s how I get onto my clipboard

Crumble: Because just y does not

Lango: Other than that, v6j :86 p

Vafiadis: But I haven’t done the toggle, I just set hotkeys for them

Kalkman: Pasting is easy, copying back out is hard

Barraz: Torkable: well it would get it to the clipboard of my server, which is still of little use 😛

Lango: Er y in there somewhere

Kalkman: I end up writing to /tmp/whatever, then in another terminal, cat /tmp/whatever, and copy that way

Kalkman: Otherwise hard to use mouse to seelct to copy to clipboard

Ruf: Why are you using mouse for anything lol

Kalkman: The vim-to-clipboard never works for me over screen over mosh over term

Kalkman: Because it’s better, obviously

Borstad: You could pipe into xclip

Vafiadis: There are integration configs/plugins for that

Nordman: I just told you how to get it out to clipboard

Kalkman: And I just told you how that doesn’t work

Vafiadis: Too many abstraction layers

Hobday: I’m not sure what y is supposed to do

Baucum: Rather, I don’t think how I know how to paste over ssh

Lango: That should be an interview question, “how do you copy over ssh from vim inside a screen session”

Divine: How do I paste from the clipboard on my server

Sables: Kalkman: if you select text and “+y

Milinazzo: It will go to your clipboard

Vafiadis: I’m pretty rarely editing over ssh these days anyway, unless I’m doing something quick/sysadminny

Kalkman: Torkable: doesn’t work.

Sinicki: I’ve used it on windows, mac, and nix

Ripoll: Torkable: you literally do +y? PLUS y?

Kalkman: Torkable: I’m happy for you

Lango: Yeah editing over ssh is smelly and if your company uses a crap VPN you looked for alternatives ages ago

Debord: It does change reality but not in a relevant way

Vafiadis: Kalkman: does it work with ssh+tmux, just not with mosh?

Kalinoski: That’s how you do it lol. with !

Vafiadis: Kalkman: how many abstractions do you need to remove before it’ll work?

Vafiadis: Well that’s your fault then

Nussbaumer: I have no idea whether +y actually worked

Kalinoski: I just got mosh working on my S5

Hrdlicka: It selected another line and then yanked

Kalkman: Doesn’t work with ssh+screen without fiddling with config and even then sometimes needs more work to get it working on OS X iTerm

Dunks: But I have no idea how to paste it anywhere

Olk: Gillice: you have to use ”

Schwarze: I thought you were just failing at quoting

Fimbres: Yeah I thought you were all a little slow using quotes

Armen: And the following y copies to that register, which routes the the clipboard, if your vim allows that

Panagis: I guess I have this on my clipboard then

Kalkman: I still do all my work through ssh, my dev environment is a linode. easier for me to switch machines that way