However if the inline ones.

Geasley: Anuby, Tutorials: • Spec: • Try yours out: • Find yours: • See: specificity

Heidinger: So, you don’t escape and inside a textarea?

Padiong: Hi, can someone point me to a straightforward tut on using breakpoints/media queries? am using S***, but either way. i just have a single breakpoint mobile full

Viveiros: The cl***es are “container alert alert-danger”

Parnes: Newyorkadam: why not put them in the same container?

Poplar: B0x, To get started with responsive designs:

Levine: Parnes: I want them each to have their own boxes. your suggestion, they would be in the same box but on different lines

Parnes: Newyorkadam: why do you want them to have their own boxes? you haven’t answered the question

Fenger: Parnes: because that’s the way I prefer it, separate boxes

Parnes: Good luck then. alter the margin and padding on the boxes

Sauerbry: Actually I think it’s the alert that needs modifying

Parnes: Don’t alter the library, add your own cl***es to do it

Scofield: Thanks for the advice :

Parnes: If you alter the library, you’ll never be able to upgrade

Hymes: Or you spend a painful time migrating your changes. Been there done that for a server-side framework gave up. and my changes were miniscule.

Roselius: Nvm, it was container. I now have margin-bottom: 5px; and it works

Tessler: Which i thought meant . apply these to any device/screen that is under 700px

Meringolo: B0x, yes, that’s what it means. I’m not sure what the bit you quoted is supposed to mean, it could be min-width the property on an element but I don’t know how much sense that makes.

Stumpe: It could also mean apply it to the main element of your site so that if things are too small that you get a scrollable area that lets someone see it all if they wish.

Summerset: Im not sure what its supposed to mean either

Poyer: Though it’s better, to a point, to rearrange stuff so it’s all in view nicely.

Vanderbilt: As theres only 1 breakpoint, and it applies to all devices

Dekoning: That’s fine if it works.

Mcgue: Might be trying to sound tech savvy

Solito: Ofc since disappeared so cant ask to elaborate

Levens: Why would i set a min-width, with only 1 breakpoint

Allstott: So what ive done makes sense?

Hopps: I guess? I don’t know your entire cir***stance or reason for wanting it, etc.

Dorinirl: Its just a responsive widget, that goes from 1,2,3,4,5 column, into 1

Mormile: So the column widths are set to 100% under 700

Sukut: Https:// Can someone tell me why when the font goes to 0% size, it goes ABOVE the other font, doubling the height?

Noren: It does? What browser?

Lohman: Ah, I can’t test that. Chrome stops responding as soon as it is started.

Sailor: It’s fine in Firefox.

Greenwalt: High. i’m using some code elements for both inline and block display. how can i differentiate between the two in CSS? i. e. both are styled with a border, which I’d like to keep for the blocks, but disable for the inlines.

Rayno: OxFEEDBACC, typically for the blocks pre is used because it also preserves lines by default and indicates something that is “pre-formatted”.

Soldner: But you could also give a cl*** to one that is used less often than the other. Otherwise there’s no way to differentiate them solely through standard selectors how would the engine even know how you intended that one to be used?.

Vonderkell: AMcBain, well, true. that is the case with my CMS also. silly me :-/

Argust: However if the inline ones are inside of paragraphs and the block ones not, for example, you could make a selector like code { . } p code {. }