Or do you mean at a.

Quijada: Hey all, trying to do some back javascript. Is it possible to move a javascript item around with CSS.? I tried script id=”name” and calling it in CSS with say margin-top: 100px; but it’s not moving.

Beissel: Ah, so I have to wrap it in an object

Odneal: K2gremlin: “JS Item”?

Hembre: An alert button. very simple.

Wilhoit: Trying to move it around on my site.

Pellissier: CSS affects all HTML elements on the page, even those dynamically added.

Breath: Havvy, well its names script id=”alertBox in the css I have #alertBox { margin-top:50px; } but it’s not moving at all

Leonor: Script elements just hold scripts.

Taubman: Ohhh fml. I need to move the button element.

Humbird: They’re also display: none by default.

Eligio: You would think after the kick *** site I have built I would of realized that :/

Malaney: Imagine that. changed button id to “alertBox” and it moved. Thanks Havvy

Barthe: Finally found a bag of sweetpotato chips with no corn oil. No allergic reaction, though the citric acid was a little heavy.

Allenbaugh: Not allergic to peanuts. :3

Cardamone: And allergies are a maladaptation.

Buddington: Ancestors don’t necessarily have them.

Woodand: Lulimay: For help, ask your question. Be patient. Code samples should be pasted in a paste service see !paste. Tell us 1 what you want to happen, 2 what is actually happening, and 3 any error messages you find see !describe and !debug.

Veenstra: I’m updating body cl*** by js to change mouse cursor – but cursor does only update, if I move mouse or press a key – is there any way to force cursor update?

Greenway: I am getting an error when I try to p*** a JSON string to JSON.p****. I read in the docs that a decimal without a leading zero would be considered invalid. Well, this JSON string has this key value pair {“version”:”2.5.0″}. Would that be considered invalid?

Delevik: Lulimay, that’s a string, not a number

Oyabu: What’s the error you get?

Obarr: Faville: SyntaxError: JSON.p****: unexpected character at line 1 column 2 of the JSON data

Moretz: I’m not generating this JSON, I’m retrieving it via a REST api. This is what it looks like: http://pastebin.com/Z0fnPYRB

Dorweiler: I’m you’re trying to p*** an object to JSON.p****

Conary: Ah. Okay. I think I’m getting it now. Thanks!

Kieler: Anyone care to help structure a JSON object?

Lapsley: How do i update an array object with a name? example: {‘name”,”stan”},{“name”,”erica”} should have a label of “people”

Chauhdrey: Var a = {name: ‘stan’}; a.name = ‘people’; console.loga.name;

Woodand: Riobe: undefined; Console: ‘people’

Vigoren: I like how you have to say “havascript is *not* java” in the topic

Harnden: Var a = {name: ‘stan’}; console.loga.name;

Harnden: Var a = {name: ‘stan’}; console.loga.name;

Woodand: Smgs: undefined; Console: undefined

Harnden: Var a = {name: “stan”}; console.loga.name;

Woodand: Smgs: undefined; Console: undefined

Tankard: Grill, I wish that were enough

Gorney: Grill, for when it’s not.

Woodand: Grill: Remember, Java is to JavaScript as Pain is to Painting, or Ham is to Hamster. We don’t know Java, and if you’re trying to apply your Java knowledge to JavaScript, it probably won’t work. See also: http://ow.ly/GMctL and https://twitter.com/ryber/status/567681894662164480 – Try ##java

Withem: Wait. Javascript and Java aren’t the same? :3

Withem: A little question : If I set a function triggered by an event With a mutation observer for instance, two function will never be executed simultaneously in my browser? Do we agree?

Tansley: Depends if async or not vmonteco

Sak: Or do you mean at a low-level?