Kamuela: sorry, i didn’t.

Withem: Giraffe_: I have no idea Oo That’s for a GM script.

Mcentire: Withem, nothing happens simultaneously

Withem: Faville: So if several events trigger several function, the functions will be queued?

Primiano: Yeah, events go into a queue and then they run handler function when its their turn. When they’re done executing, the next event in the queue can do the same

Withem: Faville: Nice! : That is what I wanted to know, thank you!

Burce: Wow! I seriously wasted 4 hours of my life after missing a single variable.:- goodnight

Margason: That’s how I’m going to feel when I finally figure out what’s causing the problem with this darn json object

Akinrefon: Tcsc: actually do think server side apps are kind of addicting to me theoretically

Kimple: Nah that **** is mad boring

Lebleu: Haha not to me, not yet anyway. makes me feel like a wizard

Dahlem: Https://gist.github.com/tejasmanohar/6f9891eccdb684ec0ba5#file-js-L35

Tallman: A i’m getting a syntax error at this here pointing to via , see second file in gist

Oltrogge: B anyone know how to cancel the save from happening in the post validate middleware of mongoose? http://mongoosejs.com/docs/middleware.html

Garala: Looks like you’re supposed to call next when you’re ready for NEXT middleware to go on. but how to cancel?

Ermitano: If any middleware calls next or done with an error, the flow is interrupted, and the error is p***ed to the callback. nvm

Prive: That said, still kinda confused about the syntax error there. let me know if you have any thoughts :

Schultheiss: Tejasmanohar: try reasking that in #node.js and i’ll see if i can take a look in the meantime

Ocasio: Kamuela: i think the syntax error is a generic JS question though

Kimple: I think maybe because thats not an async function?

Kimple: But idk much about async/await

Conable: I really need to get better about that

Folkes: Time to make a checklist

Landrie: That’s pretty heavy, didn’t know about all that crazy ish in es6

Brenaman: So is that coming in the node v4 dump

Beresford: Darrah: was going nuts the other day about es2050 stuff not being in js today

Kimple: I think its a lot like yield but you dont have to write a scheduler yourself.

Kimple: But i also havent really looked into it much

Earenfight: If he can respond to it, tbh i still dunno what he was on about. but he got really annoyed that apparently all this code he had written just wouldn’t run ‘yet”

Kimple: I do feel like this channel sometimes encourages features that arent widely implemented without giving the appropriate caveats strongly enough

Partyka: All i could figure was that he was from the future and needed to prevent a catastrophe but our antiquated javascript just wouldn’t do

Kimple: Well i mean i’d be ****ed if i started writing a bunch of es6 code but es6 wasnt supported

Fritzpatrick: John titor’s javascript tutorial

Waiss: It wasn’t es6 though it was literally more intense than that

Decrosta: Dash: obscure reference lol

Birely: Though i guess tejasmanohar is using es7 stuff so i suppose it’s not that odd

Leigers: It’s just odd to me because it cracks my head in two about what exactly js is

Fritzpatrick: Zomg: it won’t be obscure in 20 years

Decrosta: I thought it was pretty funny they referenced John Titor in Steins;Gate

Kimple: Yeah, although i wasn’t really aware of him before them other than ‘there was that guy that claimed to have gone back in time’

Decrosta: Yeah even on the internet it was a bit of an obscure thing so was kind of surprising they did that 😀

Fritzpatrick: Now i’m thinking of ‘safety not guaranteed’

Fritzpatrick: Http://www.urtech.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/funny-ad.jpg

Fritzpatrick: Kamuela: sorry, i didn’t mean to link to a White Power blog