Hi guys,, just wondering.

Galligher: Is it working for you in firefox?

Haddock: How would js be off ?

Durman: Click works but not hover

Mckellips: The slider works too, so js should be ok

Burker: Just a question, relax :p

Kanakares: If I thought it was the definite solution, I’d just say it with no question mark

Chinn: Try closing the browser, starting it, dumping cache, closing it, & starting it again

Kulacz: Reisio nope, but one thing is on gover its not adding the cl*** to the li to show it

Holm: I need to develop a css theme rather quick

Dziuba: For my app and it’ll be good to have a webflow interface-like

Wisz: Because I **** at coding css I’d rather draw it :p

Jonah: I have access to webflow, but it includes a lot of css **** o.O

Hazelhurst: I need just a single css

Pecue: Felishia here you go, h1 { color : #000; }

Aluarado: Felishia: What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Seveney: There’s a tick trying to nom me

Deslandes: Jalnt, I’m trying to make a theme for my program

Askegren: But I must be the less suited person regarding css

Cobb: However I can do it better if I can see it realtime

Gastineau: So that’s what I want. to see while I make the code ._. like with an interactive interface like those programs, dreamweaver, photoshop.

Pujol: What do you mean by program?

Aliotta: Or a native application on your computer?

Lounder: Jalnt, whatever. I just want to understand what I am doing

Addy: I’m a programmer. so I’m glad with code, but I **** at knowing how code “looks”

Fegette: So I write css and imagine something and it ends up being something totally different :/

Ohern: Yeah the only thing that’ll help you is practice lol

Stace: Basically, you want a WYSIWYG editor, right?

Wilhelm: I know how to integrate my css with the code. so I’m fine there. code-wise

Elftman: I have access to webflow

Peckman: The problem is those extra css’s it includes

Boissy: Maybe I should give it a try dunno :p

Vause: Maybe the extra files are useless

Kosareff: Like geocities, but newer

Face: It shouldn’t make you have to write code then, right?

Dobert: Jalnt, css just css. uuughhh.

Drentlaw: I forgot I cannot write html -.-

Gauld: Why’s so hard to add css to a js library :c

Down: Hey guys, how do I center an image by the image’s center point? when i do position: absolute; top:50%; left:50%; it uses the image’s upper left corner to center

Babino: Reisio: any image, like logos

Rewis: If it’s suitable as an img, see the deadcenter link/s at http://reisio.com/examples/

Solivan: If it’s decorative, use a CSS background image and background-position

Parlier: Reisio: i pretty much have the same css properties, but instead of deadcenter, its using the image’s upper left hand corner to center

Tackett: If it’s suitable as an img, see the deadcenter link/s at http://reisio.com/examples/

Sain: If it’s decorative, use a CSS background image and background-position

Kittinger: If the screen is 700px or bigger?

Houghtaling: Msafi: resize your screen to just over and just under 700px wide and find out

Mileham: Reisio: that’s very helpful. thank you very much.

Strickling: Bigger than 700px yes

Wolhok: Hey all, Im not sure if this is CSS, HTML or SVG. but I need a stroke outline on some text. any ideas? https://jsfiddle.net/#&togetherjs=LftmstvlhP

Weinstein: Hi guys,, just wondering how can i vertically align the image against the first line of paragraph? http://jsfiddle.net/zL13dfro/