I imagine that was made in.

Elvis: It takes longer to write the thing being pasted

Elvis: Than it does to paste it

Defusco: Sillyslux: I’ve been looking in the debug section thing

Gallon: Oh i see, that firefox builtin thing

Defusco: Firebug, everyone told me no one uses that ha

Defusco: I can see a fair bit of stuff in variables on the right

Zechiel: Ff won’t show the dom properties on that style element in the jsfiddle frame

Wayner: Maybe mine is a bit old

Defusco: Sillyslux: oh sos I’m actually looking at mine from the local file .

Procaccino: And. why not firebug? deprecated?

Elvis: The builtin tools are waaaay better

Wagler: Firebug and chrome work well here

Elvis: Firebug is its own project

Elvis: So it’s not deprecated

Elvis: It’s just, not as good.

Manrriquez: Think i read somewhere that they’ll merge

Pedley: Didn’t use ff in the last 15 months or so

Koning: Hi all, not sure why but my JS won’t let me set the amount of results I want form an random number query. Line 17. Any tips? http://jsfiddle.net/jjz977um/13/

Elvis: Tbh 15 months is longer than i’ve been writing javascript.

Szumigala: Timetocode: Dammit. :/

Defusco: Tcsc: what were you doing before, c++ ?

Elvis: Sort of c# too but i started that around the same time as js.

Defusco: Oh right, got better or worse for JS?

Hommel: Ah I figured it out! js aint so bad after day 2

Defusco: Tcsc: just whether js had been as much / more fun or whatnot

Elvis: I like being able to write code and easily distribute it

Elvis: But i think it’s not a good language for game development since its very hard to guarantee performance.

Defusco: Tcsc: that’s a big appeal to me – the react native stuff is interesting as well.

Percifield: Ycon_, http://jsfiddle.net/jjz977um/15/

Defusco: Sillyslux: 20 seconds in on this : http://sendvid.com/1ccxrxoz

Elvis: We use react for our game editors and it’s okay. its fairly tedious tbh.

Elvis: It works well in the context of an editor though.

Defusco: Sillyslux: is that the info you were getting in the firebug?

Defusco: Tcsc: what do you mean editors?

Elvis: Like, content editors

Kadlubowski: Sillyslux: Thanks. I just needed to change my *10 to *30 to get 30 results instead of just 10. Thanks

Elvis: So that game designers dont have to edit json files and crap

Defusco: Oh right fair, to automate stuff

Masher: Json files are a headache. Is there any good js library around to conver JS to csv? I’ve got tonnes to data to sort

Defusco: I’d love to do visuals or something one day, computer visuals are mathy at hell though so it’ll be a while

Elvis: Yeah, there’s a lot of math to it

Elvis: Although game engines can take care of a decent amount of that for you.

Defusco: Tcsc: which I don’t mind, it’s just one has to actually have the time to learn it ;

Elvis: Depending on what you want to do.

Elvis: Yeah. i think the math is worth knowing.

Defusco: Not sure if that sounded sarcastic, it wasn’t

Defusco: I mainly mean like geometric kind of stuff tbh

Defusco: Https://i.imgur.com/StIh4V5.jpg that would be more in line with my meaning than a computer game for example

Bogue: Long ago i learned lot’s of geometry, that was when i went to school

Defusco: Oh damn erc is loading that gif and it doesn’t like it at all

Elvis: I imagine that was made in something like blender or after effects or something