Jak2000: dayofweek starts.

Copier: I’ve learned over the years that tuning it prevents the peaks/valleys.but I’ve never understood why some variables peak/valley and others stabilize.

Zaibel: Mac_ified: got the server at home I’m using my internal IP to get connected

Yegge: Bind-address =

Castles: Maybe this is the line in /etc/mysql/my.cnf

Brittman: Gcosmin: does java run on some other server than mysqld?

Kutzer: I’m using Eclipse to code on my laptop, the server has another internal IP

Genovesi: Brittman: would it be more secure to add only my laptop IP ?

Brittman: Gcosmin: while your question is ambiguous, the answer is probably “yes, but an ssh tunnel is even more secure”

Baranovic: Brittman: really apreciate your help, I’m trying to learn Java but it gets complicated when tutorials don’t really work as it should

Imbrock: I find my self asking stupid questions and wasteing people time just to make sure I’m doing the right thing and to see if there are any other options

Deanes: Apart of that english is not my first language and everythig gets a bit frustrating sometimes

Brittman: Gcosmin: you are learning a lot more than java, then

Dyson: Brittman: at least I am hoping to :

Littau: One more question if I may . if I am changing that IP with 192.168.0.* do you reckon ? Would that solve my issue for my internal connections ?

Lapping: Sorry I had to reboot my server

Bergara: Didn’t seen your last message

Rom: Do you mind to copy/paste it pls ?

Brittman: But better to not do any of this, instead using an ssh tunnel

Whitlatch: Brittman: I understand that there are security issues, once my program will run on the server then I’ll go back to usual setings. Anyway, even so . still the same issue :

Brittman: Gcosmin: on the server: netstat -plant grep mysqld

Brittman: If it says, your problem continues to be bind-address

Danfield: The woildcard for host is %, not *

Brittman: Danfield: even so, that would not manifest in connection refused

Brittman: Perhaps i trust “still the same issue” too much

Danfield: Tcp listening ‘see if mysql server listening for tcp connections ‘netstat -lt grep mysql’

Brittman: Danfield: boo dns lookups

Brittman: Danfield: which is why i use the easy to remember -plant

Maresco: Brittman: I’ve commented the bind-address and now I get an error as Danfield is correct . should be % not *

Danfield: Brittman: we need to write up a better remote connection troubleshooting HOWTO.

Danfield: Brittman: a bit more procedural, starting from the network to the firewall to the mysql interface listening to grants

Brittman: Check netstat, nc locally, nc remotely refused vs “not allowed”

Brittman: First good, might be firewall. last one tells you for sure if firewall or grant

Brittman: Nat is the monkey wrench i guess

Vanderlee: I’ve managed : I’m really happy

Mcbratney: I’m going to seep. Good night !

Delancey: Weekday wich value return? weekday22/08/2015 = 5 dayofweek22/08/2015 = 7 dont understand

Atchison: Jak2000: iso8601 there is only one date format :-

Danfield: Jak2000: the index starts at 0 for one function, 1 for the other

Danfield: Select weekday’2015-08-22′, dayofweek’2015-08-22′; — also returns 5 and 7 :-

Danfield: I don’t see how that’s related to system time

Danfield: Oy. select dayname’2015-08-22′, dayname’2015-08-22′, weekday’2015-08-22′, dayofweek’2015-08-22′

Danfield: Oy. select dayname’2015-08-22′, dayname’2015-08-22′, weekday’2015-08-22′, dayofweek’2015-08-22’G

Danfield: Jak2000: dayofweek starts at index 1 for Sunday, weekday starts at index 0 for Monday