Hello all. Interesting.

Stabler: Wrapping them would be fine too though

Hnatow: So im trying to style images around my main navigation at top, and im confused as to how to properly format and structure the code. Im intending on putting little lion on left, and have 3 giraffes heads above menu.should I throw these all into 1 div. or make seperate divs for each.im just lost as to the best practice in styling this as also to

Suitt: Considering this to become responsive http://skyfiredesign.net/safariwire

Lazier: Hello, somehow i have hidden characters at the end of my css file. � is always at the end, there is nothing in my css file when i work with it in phpstorm, but when i view the browser source it’s always there. any ideas what the problem could be? the file is saved as utf-8

Cappelletti: Problem only appears when the css file is included with the link rel=”stylesheet” href=”./css/style.css” tag

Mccutchan: Why when I apply a higher z-index to my main navigation does it not overlap the giraffe? http://skyfiredesign.net/safarwire

Ranjel: Link doesnt work safari

Yanacek: Http://skyfiredesign.net/safariwire

Robasciotti: Hi how can i make the background image grayscale with CSS, https://jsfiddle.net/0fo6k4zk/ ?

Marohl: Eddins i didn’t know you were a comedian https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Cal_Wilson

Gotchy: I wish #css, #html and ##javascript would just merge in ##frontend

Brzuchalski: VectorX: put the background-image in a ::after and use https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/filter#grayscale%28%29

Brzuchalski: Choki: different topics

Zepeda: There are no such “support channels” on chat nor irc

Zellmer: People help or do n ot

Dubeck: Yo. can you guys think of any great personal websites off the top of your heads?

Hollenbaugh: Grill: idk you may gonna look at some css gallery

Brzuchalski: Yes, generally a channel where people give help means theyre supporting other people who need help

Brzuchalski: Therefore, it is a support channel

Huhn: Grill: http://mother****ingwebsite.com/

Homchick: I know what I am going to do

Davidson: The vision has become clear

Baille: Brzuchalski am i missing something ? https://jsfiddle.net/0fo6k4zk/1/

Burg: Grill: i guess this site is faster than like 102% of websites

Donne: It still looks like ****

Gafford: It is based on content

Lover: You may try http://bettermother****ingwebsite.com/ then

Brzuchalski: VectorX: oh, i thought you said it was a background-image

Brzuchalski: If its an img you can apply the filter directly to it

Salome: Brzuchalski why is my giraffe appearing in front of menu http://skyfiredesign.net/safariwire

Chopton: Brzuchalski no i want the background image on .wrapper to be grayscale https://jsfiddle.net/0fo6k4zk/

Beirne: While everything else is as it is

Kitelinger: If i change .wrapper { to .wrapper::after { then the image doesnt show

Brzuchalski: Yep, just put it in a ::after and put the grayscale on the ::after, like this https://jsfiddle.net/0fo6k4zk/2/

Brzuchalski: Safari: try z-index: -1; on the image wrapper

Brzuchalski: Make the menu a positive z-index

Farfalla: Ah i think it wasnt working coz i didnt have content: ”; is that like a required param when using after before ?

Lodrigue: Bombo, http://jsfiddle.net/rrjd15od/30/

Caisse: Wow the Lodrigue Bombo saga still continues

Swearegene: Hello all. Interesting situation here. Team member for a cl*** project used a generic CSS file for some js stuff on his portion of the team site. This generic CSS file is a little over 6000 lines. I have managed to slim it down to about 320 based off of the tags that are actually in use on the HTML file. However, in the transition, I lose some arrows on his spinning carousel. http://Swearegene.com:8080/services/services.html the arrows