Schaetzle, seems like that.

Blandford: Schaetzle, oh – I think I missed that

Tatom: Baxx, you compile before it gets to the browser

Stuchlik: Tbh I probably shouldn’t get caught up in this, I don’t think I’m going to have to worry about this for a while ;

Guitard: Baxx, how you do that is up to you

Kvilhaug: Liquidmetal: they have it in their do***entation. Apparently, they think that making every variable global is a good idea

Stuchlik: Schaetzle: right cheers, I’ll bear in mind in future :

Riska: At least Traceur supported in-browser compilation too

Riska: Probably not so performant though

Merriman: Zomg, babel does too, it’s just not a good idea

Riska: Yeah, in practice you’d probably want to precompile

Havlik: Always, otherwise you’re adding at least a second to page load times

Marchaland: A watching service gives you a better workflow anyway

Hingst: Babel+webpack+react makes for a happy environment

Earnhardt: Even without react, it’s a bliss

Dauria: I mostly meant because hot module replacement

Nonamaker: Refreshing is so last year

Loock: I wonder if any company besides Github seriously uses Coffee these days

Schimming: Yeah hot module replacement is sweeet

Harouff: I interviewed with a place yesterday that was all coffeescript

Tahu: Dekok, I’m porting a coffeescript code base currently

Ax: I’m sure it’s not the only one

Gabard: All coffeescript + all pair programming

Schimming: Man I wish I could get a job porting Coffee to good ol healthy JS

Schimming: You’re doing the lord’s work

Winslette: Dekok: Other “Rails” companies

Dais: Dekok: Phoenix’s web socket library was originally in Coffeescript.

Rathmanner: I don’t really see how porting a codebase from language X to language Y is a good work, but eh

Dais: Now it’s in ES6/Babel.

Franze: At least doesn’t sound interesting to me

Enockson: Schaetzle: I haven’t tried HMR yet, worth it?

Schimming: I was just kidding. I don’t like CoffeeScript

Schimming: Well, I don’t mind it, but I’ve always preferred native JS

Egle: No, I mean, any language. Even if it was, like, porting Haskell to PureScript

Dais: There’s quite a lot of companies that like Coffeescript.

Stuchlik: Dekok: Go talk to the peeps at NeoVim ;

Schimming: Well I would take a JS gig anywhere at this point, coffeescript or not

Meals: Dekok, ported a backend written in C# to C++ because GC latency made the backend not able to do its work

Kello: Baxx: How is it related?

Spillett: NeoVim is an entirely different thing

Eun: Neovim is a huge refactoring + new features.

Just: Hannibal_Smith: I feel sorry for you :/

Maziarz: It was C. and will still be C.

Carabello: Dekok, I like C++ 😛

Stuchlik: Rcyr: yeah fair point

Bia: You two are beyond hope 😛

Sillas: Not C++98/03 but C++11/14 is cool

Stuchlik: I’m looking forward to seeing neoVim ‘finished’ or what not, should be cool

Wadding: They should start naming C++ releases like cars

Dickmann: Well. seeing that vim will die with its inventor. would be nice if there was a replacement ready

Brackney: Release C++/2020 in 2 years

Crellin: I’m reading this, and it makes Javascript look really low-level. Is this true?

Vaksman: Frogdr: All languages have number types. :/

Volpicelli: Schaetzle, seems like that js will follow something similar with ES2015, ES2016.