Yeah, ES6 was published in.

Stuchlik: Fair, I can type } *over* a paren that I’ve just added ,I guess it could cause a slip though

Stuchlik: Is atom fully open source? I’ve hears yes and nos on this

January: Not sure why anyone would say it’s not

Stuchlik: Sweet ,hope it does well

Koy: Every piece of it is from chromium to the editor plugins

Stuchlik: There was a thread on the GitHub atoms, I think. page with someone saying that it was going to be mainly open source. Oh actually – It might have been the licence that isn’t permissive

Stuchlik: Like – you can see the code but you can’t roll your own or whatever

Bolinder: Standard permissive open source license

Caflisch: Hmm im still not quite getting there.gonna get some food and stare at it afterwards :p

Stuchlik: Schaetzle: have you written any plugins / extensions / functions for it yet?

Stuchlik: Be interesting to hear what it’s like to write for and stuff I guess, I only used it very briefly, all i did was copy a code block to enable one to set a proper esc sequence for vim keys

Risk: I’m curious – what’s #javascript’s take on coffeescript?

Stuchlik: Liquidmetal: I’ve not used it – seems like it’d be weird though

Brimmer: Why’s that? The bracket-free syntax seems kind of nice

Stuchlik: Writing in one language with the syntax of another or whatever, seems like it’d make more sense to just learn JS syntax

Stuchlik: You’ll have *all* the resources etc open to you then

Stuchlik: Liquidmetal: yeah python syntax is neat

Grosser: Baxx, that’s what I was getting at – the python like syntax

Herne: Wait, are there two conversations happening ?

Thammavongsa: Coffeescript makes your code incompatible with JavaScript. for the single benefit of being terser.

Immen: Liquidmetal, it don’t solve any problem of js, and introduces new the first is that you have already a lot of good tools for js, that don’t support coffeescript

Swaringen: That’s a really bad compromise.

Stuchlik: I’m saying that I like python, I like it’s syntax, but sometimes it makes sense to use something the way it was made to be made imo

Koscinski: Just use ES6 Babel and live with the extra curly braces that JS has.

Moore: Hannibal_Smith, I’ve felt that when using coffeescript – so many tools don’t use it

Dais: Many tools don’t use Babel either.

Brumm: Sure. but since Babel is ES6 which is the future of JS, it should get better soon.

Stuchlik: Whats an alternative to babel? I’m not sure if I use anything like it or not.

Stuchlik: Hmm, i think not – google tells me it’s a compiler

Stuchlik: I’m not sure what that means – it creates a binary out of the JS?

Depaola: Baxx: It creates ES5 code from ES6 code.

Gillooly: Baxx, yeah it’s js – older js

Riska: Yeah the terminology is a bit mixed occasionally = Compiler, transpiler, converter, whatever

Stuchlik: Riiight, OK cool – so people use this to support older browsers or something?

Immordino: Transpiler – haha! that’s a funny name

Ohotnicky: Baxx, no browsers have full es6 support yet

Dehler: Baxx, Babel got right the use of “compiler” when other similar tools prefered the term “transpiler”

Disanti: So it’s used to support browsers, node.js, etc.

Muratore: Liquidmetal: technically, CoffeeScript has broken scoping rules, which makes every variable in your program “global,” and a not-well-defined grammar, with lots of visual ambiguity

Dugar: Es6 is coming – just going to take a while

Stuchlik: Schaetzle: does it act on the code *then* one loads that code into the browser / whereever, or does it happen on the fly?

Kluender: Dekok, oh – I wasn’t aware of that. Will look that up

Pizira: Yeah, ES6 was published in July