Tashman: Still happens on Chrome

Tashman: There WAS a border-spacing: 2px that I negated with 0px

Veneman: Am i being too subtle? i think i’m being too subtle

Veneman: Well, i can’t reproduce it, so unfortunately i can’t help

Tashman: Starting to think its one of the variables arent supported by webkit

Tashman: Its happening in Chome, Chromium, and Opera

Veneman: It’s not happening for me in safari or chrome

Pam: Which would make it Blink but close enough.

Tashman: You dont see the blue borders between cells?

Tashman: Seems there is a right border too

Veneman: I have said that three times now

Tashman: Thank you for the help.

Tashman: There is so much hackery going on, its hard to keep track of anything

Manzano: What’s the difference between relative, absolute and fixed positioning?

Hegyi: Kn0wledge, CSS ‘position’ property: http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/visuren.html#propdef-position

Kottenstette: Can anyone tell whats the use if line-height ?

Pam: For changing the line height, of course.

Konruff: Pam: how does it affect the neighbouring elements?

Veneman: Neighboring how? it increases or decreases the line height

Pam: Elements with a larger line-height might become taller and push them further down the page.

Zulauf: Pam: here the word hello has moved much further down — http://jsbin.com/sikowujene/edit?html,css,output

Veneman: Yes, because the one p has a line-height of 9 lines

Daghita: Veneman && Pam: so it doesn’t affect the height right ?, just the box’s containing the element size has increased !

Pam: Well sure. What else would you expect it to do? A paragraph will contain the text inside of it and you’ve increased the height reserved for that text.

Pam: A paragraph contains lines of text. You then asked it to have larger lines.

Dulberg: List-style-position: inside — hwat do ? doe it

Brzuchalski: Moves the bullet point or whatever youre using inside the li instead of outside like normal

Winton: What are “non-replaced inline elements”?

Cataldi: Ropo you know what a replaced element is?

Pinke: Img object video textarea input canvas are replaced elements

Raggio: It is described somewhere as “An element for which the CSS formatter knows only the intrinsic dimensions.”

Capdeville: The contents are replaced by something else

Villamayor: So basically, a non-replaced inline elements, is any inline element that is not a replaced element

Stotesberry: But there is no relation at all between block/inline and replaced/non-replaced

Kassim: Hi, I have this simple html https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5e5a014bf70ccd40240e

Debrito: In a row there are two cols

Stogner: I want the table to appear on the right of the calendar

Ocus: What am i doing wrong?

Garelick: Hi ive got a popup that is position: absolute and i want it to be as big as all its elements

Sehorn: Ive set a max-width and i want to wrap stuff to the next line if it overflows

Ferr: This only works with display: flex atm

Reisser: However this forces elements closer together when i add a max-width and does not allow stuff to wrap to the next line

Beucke: Setting a flex-wrap forces everything to wrap to the next line, disregarding the max width

Moisa: Hi any help here guys http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32679906/css-webkit-filter-blur-on-video-define-edges

Natalizio: How do I make a container be 100% screen height and width, with the content in the center

Deloe: Do I need two containers like

Pedrick: Headerdiv cl***=”container”/div/header