Hello everyone. i have a.

Pezzuti: You arn’t hosting it yourself Nilabhra

Josefy: Pezzuti: How are they not ?

Pezzuti: Http://hastebin.com/rebitoduma.coffee Current structure for the app

Pezzuti: Ow sorry that was in the wrong channel

Pezzuti: Josefy I mean maybe he can just put a backup online from yesterday when his work was saved the day before.

Narkevicius: Pezzuti: please, help me if you can

Pezzuti: 1. How did the post disappeard? What did you see/ what happend.

Pezzuti: 2. Are you aware of daily backups taken from your blog/website? Is there a possibility to put a backup online

Kalkman: Pezzuti: I saved the draft last night at about 4 am. Today when I booted up my laptop to continue writing, I found only the first few paragraphs in the editor.

Pezzuti: After you finished your work and left your laptop have you pressed the save / publish button?

Yapp: I used the “save” button in the online editor, it mentioned that the work got saved

Pezzuti: When you closed the tab, the thing you might see right now is an auto-saved version.

Pezzuti: Are you able to access your database?

Pezzuti: Login to your phpmyadmin or whatever interface it’s using or just use the terminal to login and check your database

Pezzuti: Lookup the table wp_posts

Pezzuti: Check the post_id from your post you have made and lookup that post in your database .

Pezzuti: But I think the same data is there as shown right now on you screen.

Seemann: Pezzuti: I am not hosting it myself, i dont tink I have access to dtabase

Pezzuti: Then I am personally out of options.

Hibma: Nilabhra: unfortunately you didn’t save it properly.

Harpst: Lenswipee: how do I save a draft properly?

Gioia: Nilabhra: you need to click ‘publish’.

Pezzuti: I guess he did that. I hope he did that.

Heptinstall: Pezzuti: saving the draft doesn’t work?

Hickerson: I need a page for each profession. should I make a custom post type for that?

Josefy: Hickerson: You’re going to have to give us some more information about the setup/use first =

Hickerson: I am going to have 8 links which should each link to its own page.

Hickerson: They will all use the same template

Hickerson: I will make a custom template for them

Josefy: Are these pages going to be doing anything special beyond just having information about the profession in the text field ?

Josefy: If you’re not going to be doing something crazy with meta fields etc, just use normal pages andm ake a page template

Hickerson: Yeah they will be special with some meta fields :

Josefy: Then make yoru self a CPT for your own sanity :

Hickerson: And I will use that plugin for the meta boxes :

Hickerson: There is a nice plugin. forgot its name

Hickerson: Guys I can’t find my custom post type .:/

Hickerson: Guys I don’t remember how I made this CPT.

Hickerson: I can’t find it in the code.

Trusler: Hi. I get an “Fatal error: Out of memory” when I try to edit a huge page. what to do?

Placino: I tried raising the php memory limit but that did not help

Beahn: I do use the advanced custom fields plugin and it is a rather huge page

Mahn: Hi guys, what’s the best way to approach this? I want to show 6 items on a page, and provide a “show more” button which doesn’t reload the whole page

Slonecker: Hello everyone. i have a wordpress site that fails to upgrade due to not being able to create the upgrades/ directory and when i create that it fails on another installation step. naturally i’ve corrected my permissions and tested creating folders as the webserver’s user, and it works in the terminal. what’s strange also, is that i don’t get asked for ftp credentials when doing the upgrade. any hints?