Frenchiie: dunno Polymer.

Agueda: DerekZero__: well, that’s working then :, I see the LIs being contained in the green nav :

Cianflone: I’ve tried setting the .container to height: 100% and width: 100% to fill it’s parent, but to no avail.

Derting: DerekZero__: firefox 42

Sarcinelli: Bprompt Why is it that changing the height and width properties on .container don’t make any changes to it’s fit in the nav?

Schriver: DerekZero__: 100% on an element, means be as tall the parent, BUT in this case, the nav will be as tall as body and body has no set height , and its children, since they’re absolutely positioned most of them, are no really providing much height to it, thus body gets as much height as nav provides, and nav provides

Deuink: I think the nav has a height of 100px

Hisman: DerekZero__: bear in mind that, absolutely positioned children, are not in the normal flow, and thus they provide no “height” to their parent

Ereth: So. say a div with no set height, and all its children absolutely positioned, will simply be a “flat line” with the children sticking out on the visible overflow

Hardinger: Can you guys tell me the difference between polymer and material design?

Gyurko: DerekZero__: well, if nav has 100px, that’s all body is getting, and height: 100%; will mean just that for any children of body

Salamanca: Bprompt When I set the .container to overflow: hidden it shoes enough everything that fits in the green nav before hiding anything

Gettinger: So .container respects nav’s 100px when hiding overflow, but it doesn’t respect nav’s 100px when .container is given height: 100%

Pietrowicz: DerekZero__: yeap, the submenu is simply showing below through the “visible” overflow

Inzerillo: Frenchiie: wondering what’s that for, is it a chemistry lesson?

Warstler: Bprompt My goal is to set the menu that reads “1 2 3” to strectch across the green area’s height and width.

Ollendick: DerekZero__: got picture of what you’re after? the design sheet will do, or a screenshot of it

Romie: Bprompt: lol what. it’s this google front end thing.

Setton: Bprompt: i think material design lite is like bootstrap components but without the responsive-ness. I’m not sure what polymer is though or how it ties in with googles material design

Beckles: Frenchiie: poymer I recall it from chemistry. dunno how that and material design are related =

Pieters: Frenchiie: first time I’ve ever heard of either, font end wise

Callen: Bprompt:

Hickernell: If I didn’t know better, I”d think they’re simply made up

Hyzer: Frenchiie: keep in mind that, searching, google or otherwise, if you look for “midget country band with dancing chickens”, there’s a good likelyhood that “something” will turn up, so, searching a term in itself doesn’t comprise much validity in a field

Miyake: Bprompt

Sellmeyer: Frenchiie: from what I read, is yet another framework or plugin for a framework, but these days, you can find those a dime a dozen

Crook: Bprompt: yeah its a framework, but i mean it’s by Google and the components look pretty freaking cool.

Barabas: Frenchiie: marketing 101, I got some “freaking cool” used socks for sale too, they’re squeaky clean, bleach washed, with pink flowers drawing on them, ohh btw, they were previously owned by Brad Pitt and Gina Davis

Nikocevic: How much do you want for them?

Burgoyne: Frenchiie: pitt and davis? hell. I take hmm $200 😛

Lorkowski: Bprompt Does my drawing make sense?

Bezzo: DerekZero__: I can see that done with one float, the “foo logo” can be a float, nothing really revealing there

Scantlen: DerekZero__: but that drawing doesn’t give much context though

Kirylo: Frenchiie: dunno Polymer myself, or uset for that matter, if you’re looking about for a framework to work from. you have to check, what you need done, how you want it, how flexible, for what designs or tasks, and see which one fits you better