Bprompt I want the nav to.

Kutner: Glowdemon1 Are you trying to fill the empty space on the second row?

Swisshelm: Http://puu.sh/letdd.jpg is what it looks like for me

Rasavong: The idea is to wrap all these pink boxes around the ‘now-transparant’ div

Sensmeier: Float:right did the trick

Beniquez: Thanks anyways, was still setting up the codepen when I tought about it :p

Ebia: I’m using mozilla firefox and i’m trying to add an icon next to an text input

Amesbury: Once i’ve added the background though the original firefox’s stylization for the input disappears

Cowder: Any ideas on how I can style it back to the original or does it use a default background for the text input’s style?

Apollo: Http://gymnasium.aquent.com/courses

Kinser: What is more common.specifying the size of the image is HTML or CSS?

Vanolinda: Both are common I uess

Reighard: Hmmm, in CSS because you use fluid/responsive images :

Schiedler: Guess* / which is current syntax. techncically setting image sized in your css is usually better

Reighard: With max-width and relative width

Ralko: You can do both; give it an aspect ration in html and then set width OR height in css

Reighard: Also take a look on srcset

Guerreiro: Brunchbb: depends, why you ask?

Reighard: Imgs are magical as they preserve their aspect ratio by default when height or width is auto which is by default

Dunavant: That’s good to do because it prevents things shifting around then the image finishes loading

Bloes: Just curious, I just wondering why one would be preferred over another

Obeng: You have to have the image aspect ratio to start with for that, though

Reighard: Brunchbb: because of things like max-width

Reighard: Brunchbb: and when it is responsive, the available resolution should be much larger anyway

Reighard: When it is not fluid, then it makes sense to set something for each img individually

Monson: Brunchbb: well, if the for the img is a static value, say 50% or thereabouts, then, I’d use inline, no need to use css for that, on the other hand, if you have a slide with say 50 thumbnails and you need them to be the same size, then css works better for that, because you can set them all at once, and it’s flexible, that you can change it later if you change the theme

Gennaro: Brunchbb: the one advantage of using width=”250px” height=”300px” or thereabouts, is that the placeholder on the page, before the image is fully loaded, retains that size set by the inline width and height, without any reflow, if you were to leave them out, or not set them in css, than the browser leaves a blank spot, and when the image is fully loaded, it reflows the do***ent content to accomodate the image loaded size

Reighard: Bprompt: but for this one uses the sizes attribute of a srcset img

Reighard: Then the browser knows the size in advance

Reighard: It has to know it anyway for picking the right image file

Daulton: Bprompt: right that makes sense

Bentz: Bprompt, http://caniuse.com/#feat=srcset • Srcset attribute • WHATWG Living Standard • Global support: 61.44% • All browsers currently support this fully except Opera Mini, Edge, UC Browser for Android, IE, IE Mobile, and Blackberry Browser. • Spec: https://goo.gl/UBmUOY • Link: https://goo.gl/paGbnr

Serviss: Reighard: with css can you size the image with respect to device being used to view the webpage

Reighard: Brunchbb: this would be viewport-dependend – srcset works on img element itself

Foo: Anybody know how to make the dropdown fill the green background? http://codepen.io/anon/pen/RWeyvR?editors=110

Reighard: And there is a good srcset polyfill like picturefill

Brzostowski: DerekZero__: you mean, to have the green nav to contain the submenus?

Manfre: Bprompt I want the nav to contain the menu, but the submenus can fall below it.