Extreminador: getting.

Bruck: Bprompt: I made it a thick red border

Wheadon: I mean not from the entire container but only from last tab with the rest of container

Selvera: Wigren what is mdc and what spec who speaking about ?

Gauntlett: Bprompt: It seems to be floating outside of the div its in.

Deuser: Extreminador # they’re both here, http://hashcss.com/docs – General do***entation and specifications

Ellwanger: Ok so now the navbar is fixed when collapsed.

Ventura: Shepardson, https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/

Wigren: Extreminador: sorry, mdn, not mdc

Schiffelbein: Miesco: the nav is pushing it down, hmmm what hmm are trying to do there? why so many floats anyway?

Florendo: Miesco: The browser is doing exactly what is expected. You have the nav, div and a floated left, but there is not enough room to float the a next to the div, so it’s collapsed to a new line.

Bodenschatz: So Wigren the same stuff for CSS is the same as well for the flex ?

Gargan: Extreminador: got picture of what you’re trying to do ?

Whiteleather: Derstrom, bprompt: Is it possible to not have nav float left?

Schuetz: Miesco: You have a fixed width of 1400 pixels on div#container, which means anyone that views this page needs to have a fairly high resolution to view it without needing to scroll vertically. It’s better to use % based widths in situations like this.

Bamberg: Bprompt https://jsfiddle.net/38cdvwpj/

Kellom: Ahh ok thought the systax’s were diferente

Niedermayer: Mdc. i haven’t hard of that band in decades

Birton: Derstrom: If I don’t have nav float left, the #content all goes below it

Medino: Yes, you should keep the float left, but the problem you have is the nav and div leave no room for the a

Frampton: Derstrom: Shouldn’t the a just float left inside the div?

Eguia: Extreminador: well, if that IS what you’re after, then it’s working :, congrats

Giampapa: Miesco: I see the problem here. Do you want the a link to be visible at the top left of the container it is in?

Jacocks: If so, remove the float that is being applied to a

Heyveld: Lol nop bprompt not realy. would like to increase the last label to the end of container and to center the text of it

Rodell: Derstrom: yes. But there will be a grid inside this #content container to the right of nav

Brockney: But will look/read a little more

Vaine: Derstrom: So I want #next to be on a new line in #content after the grid

Sanford: Miesco: You’ll need to show me what the grid looks like before I can tell you what the solution to the problem is.

Borke: Derstrom: http://shawnw.ca/

Mandiola: Miesco: You should wrap the li’s in a parent ul, and then use “clear: left” on a#next, if you want that to display below the grid

Tiffany: Derstrom: Okay refresh. It is not working.

Pangelinan: Extreminador: got pic?

Cariello: Miesco: Sorry, remove the clear: left, and then add “width: 100%;overflow: hidden” to ul

Ruszala: Bprompt of what i want to do or of what i have ?

Hofman: Derstrom: Thanks. Now how do I make the #next about 300 pixels from the right of #content?

Allyn: Extreminador: what you’d like to do 😕

Pio: Miesco: margin-left: 300px, but that looks ugly to put on an anchor tag

Skovira: Derstrom: Wouldn’t that make it 300 pixels from the left side?

Siano: Derstrom: Oh it works if I do: margin-right: 300px; float: right;

Shank: Sorry, I misread your question :-

Barco: Miesco: You should really have a parent container that holds a#next, and have two child containers 50% each in width, floated next to each other. This means you can have a “Prev” link too.

Bonnick: Bprompt http://pasteboard.co/28IpjlOX.png

Hemme: Extreminador: getting zeros outta that url, url loads, the image doesn’t