Check the jsfiffle link and.

Turcotte: Brandin: When you say “mobile”, do you mean when the navigation bar is toggled by a button that looks like a few horizontal lines?

Boggus: As opposed to always being visible.

Guthmiller: This is what i have so far:

Schatzberg: The navbar already collapses to a toggle when it’s viewed on a cell phone, but it needs to no longer be fixed when viewed that way.

Carmel: And the padding is far too much on everything on mobile.

Deprato: Wigren it rounds terribly

Wigren: You shouldn’t be counting on rounding

Wigren: Brandin: my browser inspector says that .container in style.css is setting padding: 80px 120px

Barager: What do you mean i’m using percent for borders since there widths depend on the viewpoint size

Wigren: C0nundrum: yep. rounding differs from browser to browser, so multiple things might add up to more than 100%

Helbig: Wigren: right. which is fine when it’s on desktops/laptops. how do i make it automatically change when viewed on mobile?

Vanderveer: Brandin, To get started with responsive designs:

Felsted: Miesco, Preferred live pastebins:

Vesper: Brandin: responsive web link up there

Corscadden: Hint: media queries are helpful and good luck with bootstrap in all of this

Wigren: Brandin: the bot, Osaki, gave you a link to look at

Hon: Brandin: what’s the original issue? just got here, thus dunno it

Tellman: I’m trying to optimize a page for mobile viewing.

Amerio: Making it responsive i guess. i’m entirely new to this.

Delmonte: And the navbar collapses to a toggle, but it needs to become static and scroll up the screen when viewed on mobile.

Blaustein: Just trying to get those two things taken care of so i can move on to whatever’s next.

Rocconi: Yeah, i was just reading about that.

Krumenauer: My current thinking is that since the padding is the same on the entire page, it shouldn’t take much work, no?

Bacy: And. it’s technically just one page.

Delaura: Yeah this is what i have so far:

Radon: Brandin: seems to be working decently on small screen already, given that it’s just from a bootstrap template anyway

Bale: Well when i looked it up the other night on somebody’s phone, there was way too much padding, text was reduced to one word per line, and the navbar needs to be static i think when viewed on a phone.

Hengen: But that’s really not much work i don’t think.

Bironas: I just don’t know what to do to make it that way.

Hennighausen: And yeah, i just grabbed what i needed from a theme on w3schools.

Hardter: Isn´t this correct guy with flex — margin-right: flex-end; ?

Crumpacker: Flex-end is not a valid value for margin-right

Tanen: Is there any table or list to see what argument’s can i use and where ?

Toren: Extreminador: what are you trying to do? got pic?

Galasso: Wait i can place an example

Ehiginator: Extreminador, Preferred live pastebins:

Wigren: Extreminador: the spec and mdc say which values are allowable

Witherell: Wigren, CSS ‘margin-right’ property:

Wolpe: Https://

Honzell: Why is my a at the bottom? I am just to clear it on a new line:

Cribb: Extreminador: what are you trying to do? got pic?

Forrister: Miesco: which a at what bottom?

Veriato: Check the jsfiffle link and the ideia was to center the title one from container