Tinystoat I know right.

Housemate: Miesco: Better way – https://jsfiddle.net/gdk5gfre/

Rosamond: Wait let me place in a diferente one mybe

Folkers: Derstrom: Can one just add an id to a ul, like ul id=”movielist”, and then just use #movielist {} instead of ul {}?

Kranawetter: This centres the Prev/Next buttons, and uses inline-block instead of floats. Hopefully the outcome is what you’re looking for.

Debartolo: Miesco: Yes, but remember IDs can only be referenced one on a page, so only ***ign an ID if you are sure if the element is applies to will not be repeated twice on the page.

Cunnigham: Bprompt http://postimg.org/image/v9afpzhi1/

Hodan: It is better to be specific with your CSS, e.g. ul#movie-list or ul.movie-list, as you may want to use ul for something else on your page at a later date

Vosburg: Derstrom: weird. I changed the css to use the id of the ul and now its all messed up

Kleese: Miesco: However do check my code example for prev/next links, hopefully that will help. https://jsfiddle.net/gdk5gfre/

Buckson: Miesco: I keep being redirected to logout.php which returns a 404.

Naqvi: Can’t help you until you fix that :-

Carriaga: Derstrom: http://shawnw.ca/

Sen: You need to ***ign the id to the HTML tag

Spinney: So if you want the next/prev buttons closer together, use: https://jsfiddle.net/gdk5gfre/

Beaupre: Extreminador: label:last-of-type add { flex: 1; text-align: center;

Graise: Extreminador: a tad convulated way to do tabs with css only, simpler IIMO with js, you’ d only need the LIs and the tab content div

Siddiqui: Think just found how to do what i want

Varnedore: This flex this it’s mucy more flexible that css

Giove: Extreminador: http://www.webdevout.net/test?0250&raw

Montemurro: Extreminador: one may note that display: flex; IS css, as opposed to some new markup language spec

Caudillo: I created a S***/CSS Grid called Y.A.N.G https://github.com/elcore/yang

Ruesga: But bprompt i donĀ“t want 3 tab’s

Kwong: I mean i migh want but not for now

Luckinbill: The ideia is to have 2 tab’s and them on the right side of the tab’s until the end of the div or container a title centered

Estevane: Extreminador: I never said whether you wanted 3 or 5 or 1, just saying that js wise is less, or I find it, less convulated

Bartucci: Ohh i see now what you mean ok

Karns: Well when i come here i come with that ideia as well

Edster: But someone told me to read about flex

Versaw: Because when i come my question was just how to centeres the title word and the code was in the old css or what ever you want to called

Starkweather: Extreminador: well, what if someone here tells you to read “rip van winkle”? or “gone with the wind”?

Anitok: But them someone mention to read about the flex

Mency: Extreminador: may work, but IMO some folks kinda think flexbox is some panacea, it addresses some things, but is not panacea, nor is going to end world hunger or cure cancer either

Walezak: Nor fix the fact people don’t learn any basic css before doing front end

Eckardt: I think it’s becoming even more difficult for people trying to learn CSS for the first time to be honest. There’s more to learn and more to do, in order to get anywhere meaningful.

Meadors: But anyway bprompt it’s like this now https://jsfiddle.net/38cdvwpj/1/

Quill: Learning bootstrap before basic CSS

Vowell: I guess that applies for any language as it matures.

Acebo: Quill: oh you say it brother

Yau: Extreminador: same happened back when floats came out in css, man they were used like it was going out of style, floats this, need a picture? use a float, need a date? float: left; need a new car? float: right; need a new job? just mention floats

Quill: Tinystoat I know right :