Achuinard otherwise I’m not.

Siciliano: R13ose if you specify a font face name of the font that’s not embedded via CSS only the people who have that font installed on their machine can see it

Siciliano: But there are a few options out there for handwritten looking fonts that are web safe

Siciliano: R13ose for example has an option on the left right under filters to only show handwritten ones

Bela: Siciliano: okay thanks

Siciliano: Wommack you have it, it’s background-color: #hex or rgb or rgba if you want transparency

Kye: Siciliano: thanks for this, that works out. I didn’t know there was that option.

Siciliano: Wommack you’re looking at .sidebar, but children of that div have their own background-color set, so that will override it

Siciliano: Wommack if you don’t want the children elements to have a different background color, remove the statement from each child.

Wommack: Siciliano, not want transparency. where I need to modify?

Siciliano: Wommack then use either rgb or #hex

Siciliano: Wherever you wish to have that color. You said left sidebar, that is .sidebar

Siciliano: Wommack if you haven’t done this before, you can use your web inspector to change css values on the fly, and then you just change the desired things in your css file to make it permanent.

Siciliano: That way you get instant feedback on your changes, rather than change, save file, refresh, change, save file, refresh

Hoerauf: I’m using Flexbox to make a full-height page and the middle of the page is scrollable fixed header and fixed footer – – does anyone know how I can sticky a div to the bottom of the ‘visible’ scrollable body?

Oldroyd: I want to put a button at the bottom right of the body but since the hieght of the body is actually way bigger than whats just visible on screen, this isn’t possible?

Siciliano: Achuinard maybe position the div absolute, and give it bottom and right margins

Poux: Siciliano: That doesn’t work since the parent is a lot taller than what is actually visible on screen

Siciliano: Achuinard well maybe I don’t get it but you want it at the bottom of body independent of scrolling its contents right?

Papciak: I want it at the bottom right of the .body div, yes

Dymond: Independent of the scroll

Beadell: And if I try to fix something relative to the body div

Kautzer: It doesn’t seem to really care about what’s visible / what’s not

Kitzmiller: Siciliano: here’s a simpler version –

Glady: Let me try to throw in the div.

Dostie: Siciliano: see where ‘HELLO’ is placed?

Wrinkle: Http://

Housewright: This is after I made .body pos: relative and .fixed pos:absolute

Pavy: But if you scroll, HELLO scrolls as well.kinda weird

Siciliano: Achuinard ?

Coryell: Siciliano: but did you change any existing styles?

Farish: Did you add any rules to .body?

Siciliano: Achuinard you did though, you set relative to .body

Lastinger: Siciliano: I don’t have an exact size of my footer

Likio: Your button is relative to the window

Farzan: With that pos: absolute

Crull: Which is why it wouldn’t work for me

Cissel: Because my footer might have a few extra lines or something

Salonia: It looked good but yea my footer might contain a few lines

Buike: So I can’t set a bottom relative to the window because the footer height is variable

Siciliano: Achuinard it’s not relative to the window, otherwise the button would be below the header

Siciliano: Achuinard if your header is always the same size, you can set top:

Siciliano: Achuinard otherwise I’m not sure how you could do this. Maybe use js to get the footer height and set the bottom: to that value + padding