Could someone help me with.

Reinholt: Flex isn’t fully supported yet

Vanskiver: Start with “display: table”

Redding: Caniuse display table

Boughton: Up, Is there a way to display the yellow div with same height as the orange ?

Wiesel: 100% support for “table” and “table-cell”

Esau: I’ve tried with columns you are discussing but no way.

Brunfield: Leosw: answer to you is likely the same as for dylancole

Shilo: Leosw: I tried many ways without any success. Sorry, I didn’t want to save. I have the habit to press CTRL+S

Spritzer: I should add that flexbox might work too

Vaglienty: Display table is older than flexbox, right?

Lavgle: I’ve tried it with display table

Salmen: Hi guys, I’m a graphic designer who also works with websites at a small, understaffed company. I’m trying to figure out how to fix this bug where my slider graphic will sometimes overlay graphics below it. Can someone help me troubleshoot? The website is and a screenshot of the issue is at . I’ve seen the bug in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. sometimes you need to refres

Whites: The page a couple times to see it, other times it happens right away. It’s also consistently reproducable on mobile devices. Any heroes out there that can lend a hand?

Balasa: I’m going to guess z-index

Balasa: Mrwindupbird: first, your z-index on #sp-feature-wrapper is too large

Stpaul: Yeah confirmed z-index is a potential fix

Balasa: From a strictly technical sense, it’s larger than the max value stored by browsers

Boe: Mrwindupbird: I see the issue, but it fixes itself while the slides appear on my side with Firefox 42.

Balasa: Second, z-index only works on non-statically positioned elements

Balasa: So set #sp-feature-wrapper to position:relative;

Balasa: Third, your page makes my laptop heat up quite rapidly

Ghent: Mrwindupbird: is that a plant sugar refraction meter?

Fassino: The slide show has some weird logic

Scharf: We make all sorts of instruments that measure various things. The instrument in the screencap measures leaf area.

Vulgamore: And what emerspm said about z-index

Uong: I’m looking at z-index and setting sp-feature-wrapper to position:relative right now. Thanks for the tips, guys and gals?

Titus: I solved my issue :

Renze: How do I make my table cell hide overflow while alinging to the right?

Balasa: Overflow: hidden; should still work

Brindel: I mean the cells at the right

Troche: Balasa: it doesnt hide stuff from the left for some reason

Sweda: Wouldnt that put the letters backwards?

Heindel: Ill just remove the most frequent domain names from the path

Balasa: I meant direction: rtl

Dantin: Re: the S*** Neat library, How does one add horizontal padding to Neat’s outer-container without misaligning everything with the visual grid?

Kleespies: Balasa: long ago I would use marquee for this, it was ugly but it did work 😛

Rencher: Hi, I have a basic form and a CSS file for the styling background, titles, ect. I would like to validate my form and add red borders around incorrect inputs

Siad: Right now I am trying javascript, using the .style ect but it only works on certain elements dropdown box, and not others,

Balasa: Html has built in form validation

Allateef: Will it put a red border and scroll to the element that is incorrectly entered by the user ?

Balasa: Depends on the browser, but generally

Balasa: Also input elements are hard to style cross-browser

Jira: Could someone help me with bootstrap?! I’m developing a website based on this template: