Once you have *really* done.

Phang: That tells me nothing

Miao: Well, give me a sec to explain

Mortenson: The top layer that has navigation is .xe-clearfix

Shirai: It looks fine now, but if i give position:fixed

Cotterell: What the hell, you are loading over 20 script files in that

Aakre: It gets totally messed up.

Degraaf: You have a crappy CMS

Rayas: Im not the one who’s doing it though.

Geffken: It’s out of date for sure,

Hearston: But the next version will becoming soon ;

Prevo: Right now, i just need to fix the design.

Barnthouse: Which element are you doing position fixed on

Opdahl: It would really help if you simplified your issue down to minimal elements in a jsfiddle

Shallow: Hey guys, i’m having an issue with content inside of a flex item setting height to 100%. I have a divdisplay:flex divflex:1 divheight:100%

Hanemann: Is it even possible? since the div with flex:1 doesnt have a set height, can its child element have one?

Board: ThePendulum: are you still here ?

Hussian: Morataya: are you still there ?

Yragui: Morataya: are you still here ?

Hayzlett: If you want to stretch an image over the whole width, you basically have to vertically cut it under some conditions — would you agree?

Denardi: Otherwise the height will be too large on very wide screens

Joulwan: Is tehre an easy way to make the yellow box the same height as the orange one ?

Zdenek: Http://jsfiddle.net/dy0juuxe/

Gault: Hey, has anyone here used the CSS3 column layout?

Schlaefer: Dylancole: as in the column-count property? because almost nobody support it

Fricks: I was thinking to use it on my latest project but I’m hesitating.

Schlaefer: I did just say almost nobody supports it

Chudzik: Schlaefer, http://caniuse.com/#feat=multicolumn • CSS3 Multiple column layout • W3C Candidate Recommendation • Global support: 19.92% • Only Opera Mini, Edge, iOS Safari, IE, Safari, and IE Mobile support this fully. • Spec: http://goo.gl/BVIJ4 • Link: https://goo.gl/rqdx1C

Rehfield: Schlaefer, http://caniuse.com/#feat=flexbox • Flexible Box Layout Module • W3C Working Draft • Global support: 83.21% • All browsers currently support this fully except UC Browser for Android. • Spec: http://goo.gl/bbLW8 • Link: http://goo.gl/Jwzmm

Schlaefer: More browsers support flexbox, which can do some of the same things

Jespersen: So, I have a 4 column grid where elements are divided in 25% and I did display: inline-block with it and it works fine. However, these individual elements are auto height and the elements below it doesn’t stick to the top.

Clokey: Leaves a lot of white space

Nicewarner: Can I achieve this without columns and flex?

Jurasin: If they are inline-blocks its not a grid

Munderville: The height is user dynamic. I want to fill in all the empty white spaces.

Pirie: I believe I can achieve this with float: left ?

Schlaefer: Are you trying to do one of those things like pinterest?

Schlaefer: Because you can’t do that with pure css

Kocsis: Hmm…not even floats?

Azzopardi: Float: left seem to work but it doesn’t order properly.

Schulle: I guess I’ll have to end up using masonry.js?

Loge: Dylancole: seems you have no idea what you are doing

Lhuillier: Perhaps you should try to learn the basics of box-model

Antu: I looked into box model

Gleaton: And difference between different “display” values

Hok: I did look into that as well. I can achieve the layout with flex but I don’t want to.

Adamsky: Once you have *really* done your homework