It is the website of the.

Lokan: Jeeeeeny i got your num-bah

Sherfey: Scavotto: What makes you think I’m not extending the plugin itself?

Showman: Jiilly: read your error logs for more info, and describe “not working”

Showman: Jiilly: mail logs indicate PHP issued the mail or no?

Stahley: Showman: which error logs :

Showman: Jiilly: start with your mail logs – check if the mail tried to get sent from PHP

Venghaus: Someish: well i can’t see your code but it sounded to me like you made your own rewrite endpoint and your own query getting your own params without touching the API

Marter: Someish: but like i said, i’m no seeing your code so I dont know for sure.

Showman: Jiilly: if you see Halcom there, look in your PHP error logs and see if there was an error when the email was sent

Handwerk: Jiilly: i would start with explaining what “not working” means

Showman: Yeah, already suggested that hehe

Nordmark: Showman: lets make a ” .notworking ” shortcode lol

Lindenbaum: Errr discussion command i mean

Mantano: Showman: I’m a newb with server stuff, the form gives an unhelpful error when filled out

Kinniburgh: Jiilly: whats the error?

Filler: Jiilly: unhelpful to you, but an error is always somewhat helpful

Alacano: Jiilly: whatever error you can getting would LIKELY give us at least the point of failure

Showman: Jiilly: if you just try to search for it, you’ll find it I promise ;

Mosby: Jiilly:

Bernaudo: Jiilly “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.”:

Showman: You just forgot the search param

Muscolino: How do I change a page on an admin wordpress for a business blog?

Manahan: I read the contact form 7 docs a bit before asking here, enough bullying

Durphey: Jiilly: this is NOT bullyin

Davin: There you go bullying again

Showman: Jiilly: that’s not bullying, that’s linking you to the do***entation from YOUR provider digitalocean about configuring and accessing your logs lol

Markum: Alex_______: you’re going to have to be more descriptive

Showman: Jiilly: the link I just gave you goes here:

Duskey: Jiilly:

Fendrick: Jiilly:

Rotruck: Jiilly:

Cubeta: There’s even a VIDEO for you

Brownrigg: Ohhh kay. trollin’ around now

Showman: Jiilly: you’ll actually have to TRY to fix the problem yourself, we’re here to point you in the right direction. Don’t get upset, get productive ;

Rodwell: Mail.log is empty, in my apache logs i see this “sh: 1: /usr/sbin/sendmail: not found”

Davers: Guess I’m missing something

Besaw: I am trying to adjust the navigation menu on our wordpress blog which we have on our website. Unfortunately, when I access the interface I am missing multiple menus including the appearance menu and widgets. I am wondering how I can gain access to these so I may update broken links found in our nav bar.

Beardon: Alex_______: what do you mean “missing menus”

Lokan: Alex_______: contact someone with an admin account.

Mutschelknaus: Scavotto: thanks I just needed to download sendmail : Have a nice day yall

Tedford: Alex_______: who owns the website you are working on?

Cederberg: It is the website of the company I work for. We’ve recently parted ways with a marketing agency that was running our blog and they’ve given us the login credentials. This is our first time using the platform and we are noticing we are missing access to features on our account such as appearances, widgets plug in, users and some other times.