Can a background:.

Kolle: I see, basically use css2 only?

Southern: Russek, where the 100px is

Brzuchalski: Thomaxo: i would be sure to test it in all the popular mail clients including web based

Brzuchalski: Also things like Zurb Ink provide a bit of help there

Dam: What reason would there be for an image resizing to the screen instead of its parent div

Underkofler: TechMonger: What’s not happening that should?

Rosse: Might be smarter to use a email generator or something, and then plug in all the php

Bangs: Russek, i want navHeader, header, and login on the top beside each other and i want the hight to match

Money: With percent instead of pxlz

Tumminello: Hi guys, what’s the best way to create a border around the whole body if I have height:100% on body? it doesn’t really put the bottom border at the bottommost part of my site

Kohrt: TechMonger: They appear to do that fine unless there’s something I’m missing? Just changed 100px → 20%

Snee: Why is it uneven on mine.

Mizwicki: Any tool that helps choosing the right font combination for a website?

Stern: Russek, omg it works now. wtf

Snively: Last night they were different sizes based on their use of h1 h2 or h3

Twiggs: Hi. I cant vertically and horizontally center a div box. All attempts dont work, like or because I have a additional div : Thats the result I want

Rojos: I want to center the yellow box

Hubach: Torpey what do you mean when the text does not fit? is your span a block or inline ?

Bolliger: Like a lightbar, but than from right to left

Anthon: I need to have oooooooooongfilename.ext inseatd of iamaveryloooooooooo

Macrowski: Is there a better way to do an html grid with vert and horiz. lines than this:

Rasico: It should be responsive

Tapian: Torpey maybe this can help

Stemme: I first tried doing it using a normal css grid where every cdell had a bottom and left border

Tenen: But that was 12×12=144 divs

Stickfort: Sal: You could probably get it into one div using repeating-linear-gradient

Uhl: Yes, but is that responsive?

Loung: I mean can i ***ign every line in %

Maneafaiga: I know that repeating only repeats the first memory image

Daloia: Can that be done in %

Lebarge: Http:// on chrome if you put mouse in space between two cells :hover doesn’t apply for row.

Banh: Why and how to get around by this?

Mcwayne: Need some help with flexbox, images and placing text over each image. Its all in the codepen here

Beckelheimer: How can i do this shadow:

Stefanik: When mousing over, i lose the dropdown.

Berkhimer: Skypce, which one is the shadow there?

Ozaki: Skypce, create an after or before pseudo and give it a border-radius

Mckusker: Skypce:

Gilchrest: Is it true that some companies send full image html emails

Gilchrest: So that they dont have to worry about browser support

Gilchrest: If you dont have a lot of links is that ok?

Gracie: Gilchrest, the most clients and services are ignore the images by default, if you worry about the support use a tested boilerplate

Kawamura: I have a precss question

Kost: How do you do calculations inside a mixin?

Simkin: That would work in s***, but it’s returning “13px * 1 rem”

Sarff: Can a background: linear-gradient be used in %