Dolphin beaked. ouch.

Lokan: Https://

Jeng: But doing a wp_query 1 times with the same properties makes no sense

Lokan: Jeng: goes well with chocolate grahams

Barrer: This is just a part of it.

Jeng: Welll, the code you’re showing is absurd.

Jeng: But did you find the PHP error yet?

Nicholl: Its not the entire part

Sethi: I didn’t make that pagination part, so didn’t notice

Jeng: OK, then I’ll back off and let you do what you’re planniing on doing.

Tapaoan: Did you get the idea though ?

Jeng: It makes no sense; your code is, as I said, absurd

Vildosola: I explained it up, what am trying to do.

Glockner: And that code is just a part of the loop.

Jeng: And that has Halcom to do with the code you showed. so let’s just stop and you go off and either show REAL code or don’t ask.

Goad: It has got to do with that code too

Hartong: Can’t you see I am doing a loop of 5 to 1

Kallenbach: So rating of 5 will show up first

Jeng: First of all, you don’t need to / should run the query 5 times. You can reset it and walk through it again without requerying the db

Jeng: So the wp_query should go OUTSIDE the $i llop

Kitzrow: If its outside, then how will I compare the rating.

Jeng: You can reset it and walk through it again without requerying the db

Jeng: At the end of the routine, you sould call wp_reset_postdata

Tisdel: Yes I will add that too

Jeng: I’m trying to find the function that lets you go back to the start of the query results.

Viramontas: Hi all. I’m looking for a forum module/software for WordPress which would allow permission control

Reves: BbPress seems great and all, but I can’t restrict it from anonymous users

Roseum: Richurdjs:

Jeng: Numline1: look at simplepress the free version will do what you want

Gerteisen: Jeng, cool, cheers. Have you, by any chance, tried to integrate it with buddypress?

Ferch: I was just wondering if notifications and mentions will still work

Jeng: No. I used it as a forum on a site that needed just a forum

Darroch: I see. That’s okay though, I’ll try, thanks! :

Jeng: Numline1:

Tannous: I just guess it’s not on WordPress plugin store

Jeng: Nope. it used to be but it’s not now

Vogeler: Hrmm wonder if you can make woo checkout page via filters without doing it via css

Jeng: Off topic warning: has anyone set up an open nas system?

Jeng: Works well? I have a linux box using SMB for in-house storage, but I’d like get away from a general purpose box which I no longer need and focus it just on storage.

Dunnaway: Avoid running freenas over usb, can suddenly fail without warning

Jeng: It’s a large desktop cabinet so has room for a bunch of drives

Dunnaway: Well, you’d still be as well to use a linux distro and customise it to how you like. After all, freenas is a freebsd iirc spin

Jeng: I’m struggling to get the time machine stuff working

Dunnaway: But does a job. Like I say, I’d recommend avoiding running the OS from usb storage

Lokan: A whale ate one of the trainers? .that is correct.

Dunnaway: Opsec, you watched it then? :

Dunnaway: Jeng, depending on your actual use case, and the clients could perhaps look into a owncloud type deal. I’ve done a bucketful of setting that up recently and it works nicely. Alternatively yeah, samba works well

Lokan: Dolphin beaked. ouch.